I Accept!!!!

Grimwell, one of the dev’s for EQ2 has issued a Everquest2 Hardcore Challenge. Basically he set these rules up for it:

  1. Like a cat, my character has nine lives. No excuses, and no mulligans. After death number nine, I will delete Isnin.
  2. I will screen shot and blog post every single death so I can’t forget.
  3. I will only play solo. No groups, no raids, no help. I play alone, and decline all group invites.
  4. I can use the broker to get gear I need.
  5. I can /claim items (since that locks them off other characters).
  6. I will play at least once per week and blog that play session after the fact.

I’ve taken it alittle more hardcore than that. Not by choice really. All my character slots are full on my main server so, in order to make him I had to put my toon on a European server. I’ve created other toons there before however non has made it past lvl 12 (I think). So I’m starting out at Nada. I have put these other rules in place for me:

7. I will accept no Items. This toon is starting at 0 and will build everything up on his own. (easy to do with no alts, guilds, friends or anything else on this server)
8. I will read every quest I accept. I was reading someone else’s gaming blog and they were speaking about stopping to smell the flowers. I am guilty of this and when I play this toon he will be different.

Another thing I’d like to point out is I’m not doing this because I think the death penalty should be harsher. Personally, I think the penalty is fine how it is. I remember the days of EQ1 death penalty and they sucked. I don’t care to repeat them.

I’m taking this challenge…well…for fun. I miss the days of special events, where the GM’s would issue a server wide challenge and prizes would be issued out (no matter what kind of prizes they may be). It added a level of playfulness to the game. And even though this is not an official event maybe this will remind me of how challenging Norrath can be.

So without further ado meet the new and improved: Crookshankz lvl 6 Bruiser.


One Response to “I Accept!!!!”

  1. It’s really cool to see the two of you doing this as a family! That will either make the deaths eaiser to tolerate, or more painful (depending on which of you is in the lead!)

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