Reason’s for choices

Let me start of by explaining my thoughts and reasoning behind my choices as far as my character goes.

Kerran’s just look cool. On Najena where all my other characters reside I’ve only got one. So why not have another. Plus he is safe from trying to eat all my ratonga toons šŸ™‚

A Bruiser has a few advantages when going solo. They have a mild heal which can help. Along with Feign Death which can (hopefully) save my butt if I get in over my head.
I started him out in Timerous Deep. I’ve only ran one other toon through there. So, that area has a nice Mountain fresh feel to it for me.

In game at least, starting over from nothing isn’t as scary as it sounds. I’m hoping I can go in knowing all the things now I didn’t know then. I will say though at least through level 13 the biggest challenge has been item management. I’ve realized how spoiled I’ve been with all my toons starting out with minimum 12 slot bags. That did leave me needing to get to Gorowyn before the quest line took me there.

I have been struggling getting out of the habit of clicking through the quests instead of taking the time to read them. I’ve caught myself doing that a few times but, have managed to scroll up in the chat window to read the whole quest story.

My money issue isn’t really much of an issue other than I could use it to buy bigger slot bags or some boxes. But, I know that will come in time.

So that’s my break down of who where and why. Tomorrow I want to write something up on TD as a whole and fit in some more of my challenges. Happy Hunting everyone.


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