Crook, Blood of the Brood and the Price of Silicate Loam

Well, I haven’t really played Crookshankz in the last few days. I’ve been waiting for his vitality to build up some. I have logged in to check his bank. He’s getting close to pushing two plat which eases my worry about being broke. I mean I won’t be buying any Silicate loam anytime soon but at least if I need an Adept 1 I can buy it.

Two Cool Cats

The wife has been working Olyvia’s tradeskilling up as well. That’s good to see as she is not much into tradeskilling (even less so than I.) She always mean’s to but, there’s always something else to be done that isn’t so monotonous. But, she seems to be having a good time.

We did play last night however. We broke out our 70 conj and fury out to help some guildies with their Hoo’lah hat. This is the first time they’ve done it and when we showed them the chain to jump to and recommended they take off their armor, I think I may have heard a scoff or two. Needless to say after the third attempt at it we had some NAKED DARKELVES. (o.O)

Latest Edition of PlayElf

We didn’t get a chance to get Cirea up to 77 so she’s still got about 4% to go. We should be able to get that tonight with no problems. I think we’re planning another full night of Kunzar’s Jungle tonight then heading over to JW to try for another quick lvl or two. What we really need are a few groups in some of the instances or Heroic area’s. We’re really just being lazy and not doing /lfg’s. But, 80 will come soon enough.

I dunno what I’ll end up doing though. Before RoK I worked up 44pp. ATM, I’m down to 11pp. With Silicate Loam running 5pp20g and the past 3 nights of harvesting I’ve gotten 0 things are looking glum. I have gotten enough roots at least to outfit my Conj’s armor set. A few jewelry peices. I’m hoping the wife has enough Tynnonium (*sp?) for her Nerco to sell me a few peices for my A3’s on my Conj. We’ll have to see if I’ll be able to squeek by. I’m sure other people are having the same issues.

I’d really love to see the rare rate for T8 be a little less rare so either the market price drops (5pp per rare is ridiculous) or maybe All this harvesting I’m doing, I may be able to finally get some of my own. Since Pullo has hit 70 he’s harvested daily, maybe not a ton but definately vallent efforts and have recieved maybe 5 loam’s. I had one level with 5 spells to upgrade. My other 6 levels worth had to be bought 😦 THat makes for one sad Ratonga.


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