Two for Tuesday part 1

Last night, I was so beat and just wanted to make sure I go to bed early. I logged in Crookshankz last night on Runnyeye to check his vitality, sales and harvest a bit before dinner. Vitality is up to 51% so I should be back up to a respectable level before my weekend so I should play him Thursday or Friday.

One thing you should know about me is, I’m a chat channel lurker. If I see a question someone is asking, that no one is answering I try to throw out the answer but, for the most part I keep to myself. Lurking the channels is not always the best thing. I left one server specifically because the chat wasn’t for me. And don’t get confused that’s not a gripe, that’s just how it was. Not for me, no complaints, left server.

Moved to Najena. Love it there. Every now and then you’ll get someone flaming someone else for their thoughts or opinions or questions. But, for the most part it’s not often. Most questions get answered.
That being said, I witnessed this on Runnyeye last night and often wondered why I don’t see more of it:

Names have been removed to protect the innocent.

And I”m not talking about my harvesting going up (although that was pretty awesome too). Did you read it? When it posts I know the type is pretty small. In case you couldn’t see it, here’s a brief recap. 1 person LFG, 2nd person LFG 3rd person say hay 1 and 2…come group with me. 4th person joins. BAM group is made and new friendships are born!!!

I see more often than not 6 people LFG in the channels and not one of them takes the initiative to form a group with said 6 people. Instead what you see is people complaining how they can’t find a group while you have 4 other people calling for groups. A wise man once said DIT-DUH-DEE!!!

Maybe…I’m a dreamer. I’m not the only one. I believe that Kerran’s and Ratonga’s can exist in peace (as long as the Kerran’s submit to the Ratonga’s dominance) I believe that all betrayed toons should flog Director Jasmine in Antonica, together….working for a common goal. I guess what I’m saying is that…togetherness is all I’m after.


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