Two for Tuesday part 2

So after Dinner we logged in Pullo and Circea.

Our plans were still to finish questing Kunzar Jungle then head over to JW and get the wife to 77, she was like 4% away. So we knock out a quick quest which I think was called Proving your Mettle? Maybe? Which lo and behold that is a start quest and bam we’ve got like 5 more quests. (Maybe it’ll take a little longer than possible to get out of this zone)

So right before we start up on these quests guild leader and I have this conversation:

GL: Pullo, do you and Circea need CoK
Pullo: Back off perv.
Ok ok, maybe it didn’t go quite like that. But it would have been funny if it did! They should make a zone with instances like that. We could have CoK, SoB (Sanctum of Beasts) and PITA (Palace in the Artic) They already have a weapon called Dawnfear the Reaper so really it’s not much more of a stretch.

Anyways, we did Chardok and Court of Korucust. All I can say is fun, fun, fun!! See this mob here?

I must of stabbed him in the toe a kajillion times….Ya he’s dead now.
We got to CoK easy enough. Apparently I got “Keyed” but I call it a less PITA way to get there. I think we totaled up 3 Ornate Chests and 1 Exquisite. Pretty sweet for less than an hours worth of work.
We finished up and DOH! 12:07 am. So much for getting to bed early!

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