Review: EQ2 Fan Resource Page

I was really excited to see that SOE put up a fan resource page.

Finally, something fun that I should be able to make use of. At first glance of the page I was even more excited. Almost everything I could want to pimp out my website, desktop, myspace page, ect. Upon instection though, I will say that I was alittle disappointed in it’s content.

I took the personality test and apparently I’m a fury. I would put the little “I’m a fury and here’s why” signature on the site to prove it to you however, I do not get that option. The only options I get is to play the free trial or take the test again. Now call me crazy but, if I’m at the EQ2 FAN RESOURCE PAGE you would assume that I am a fan of the game. And big odds are that if I’m a fan of the game I play the game i.e. what good does the free trial really do me?

Wallpapers are a big deal for me. I work, as many people do, on computers for a living. When I try to avoid work (oops did I say that outloud) I enjoy browsing to find a new one to make my desktop look all shiney :-). I usually get conversation by co-workers on my wallpaper depending on what it’s set too. When I use the SOE official wallpaper I get “UGH your one of those MMO’ers.” or “UGH you play EVERCRACK” (which i respond…”No, I play EVERCRACK 2. It’s twice as addictive). Now if I use one of this guy’s wallpaper

I instead get, “wow what’s that about”. And I get to tell them. Wallpapers are a great form of advertisement, especially if placed on work or public computers (as long as your work permits it of course). They can be themed but more than anything they should be a conversational peice. Not a blatant, busy commercial.

With me saying that, I need to also mention the flip side of the coin. My wife does like some of the wallpapers that I think are too busy. Or not a reflection of the game. So, I must understand that different strokes for different folks. But, in general I think alot of people would enjoy a multitude of different wallpapers.

The “Webpage layout” just basically means MySpace layouts. Still using the same classic themes the game started with. The Webmaster Resource area just has character, item and guild searches. Which are a good start but, could use some bells and whistles.

OVERALL. I think this is a good start and a fantastic idea. The site has a great layout and feel to be a “easy to use” kinda webpage. I am use to seeing SOE put things out there half finished and then slowly developing it into something great. I hope they keep tweeking this page out and that it will follow the same path. Some idea’s for them would include: user submissions, more things for me to put on my webpage, and aim icons. Also, perhaps some things unique to the site and not things that I could go to or eq2players and find on my own.

Best of Luck on getting this going!


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