Mish Mash Mosh

My blog time here is running short for today. So this may be brief. First thing I have to say is Darn You Westkarana.com!!!! So my wife is currently downloading PotBS. Between her blog and reading the game website and their forums, the game looks intriguing. I’ve gotta check it out. MMORPG gives the game an 8.3 rating which, (I think) is very high for a newly released game. Hopefully I can get you some screenshots tonight.

Such bad timing too as I’m on pins and needles for Epic weapons and all the other goodies that is suppose to come out in tomorrow’s update. OOOOOO and it should also have the Valentine’s day update OOOOOOOOOOOO.

I’ve had a great night of gaming on my Conjy last night. I was back to helping guildies with their Hoo’Loh hat and went through PoA. We pwned that zone pretty good for just the 4 of us. I hit 71…yeeaaaaaaa. We hit the final are in PoA and when we took the elevator up, I tell the group, “Hey guys there’s a dragon up here” We cleared the room, and the room pops instantly. The tank starts to pull and before I can type wait BAM….dragon incoming DRAGON INCOMING….and I’m screaming NEGATIVE GHOST RIDER THE PATTERN IS FULL. And that darn dragon keeps on a-coming.

We did a very excellent job, I must say, whacking on both the blood knight and that dragon (I can’t remember it’s name). In the end, we all lay dead on the floor. At least they got the updates they needed.

Bought Disiri her spells. Soooo happy that tynnonium is half the price as silicate loam. Honestly, it was kinda nice going back and doing dps instead of tanking. No stress, laid back and when I was bored, I’d just shrink my pet over and over again 🙂


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