2 4 Tues: Halls of Fate, Epic Weapons

Before I begin with my EQ2 blog here, I must mention that if you have not been to EQ2 Players and checked out the new EPIC Weapon artwork screenshots, leave this page (come back to it later) and check them out. You gotta do it. Gotta. What are you waiting for. GO!

Think this is SK’s


While waiting for PotBS to download I hoped on EQ2. Tons and tons to do there. I started by logging in Madas my Pally and had him doing Peckitt’s Patrol (he’s 13) Just need the last update when one of my favorite guildies hopped on and was ready to continue with her Hoo’Lah hat quest. The other guildie who was working on it was gtg as well.

wife logs in and we get two other guildies to come join us. You know there is nothing quite like playing with your favorite people in game. I had Des, and Mort and Paws, and Sha and of course my wifee. I’m missing a few people to fill my favorites but I’m sure you know what I mean.

We had a perfectly well balanced team, All your major food groups. Gaurd, Necro, Conj, Ward, Fury and Dirge. It can get alittle better as far as group dynamic’s but, really not much. Plus again, I love these peeps. And they all know how to play their classes. Needless to say we pwned HoF. I mean really, really pwned it.

Hey, do you know in HoF…there’s a room with a little owl guy in a cage, in a room, and the other corner is like a book on the ground. Well that first column right there….I peed on that…that’s MY column right there. Just remember that.

Well, we hit Solthis and our time ended up running out on us. Mort was turning into a pumpkin. She logged out. Another guildie favorite Py came over and we kept going alittle ways deeper. My wife, Des and I all camped. I believe good times were had by all.

You can read about my PotBS adventures below.


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