2 4 Tues: PotBS, My Experience Thus Far:

I think it was roughly 4:30 yesterday when the wife started downloading Pirates of the Burning Sea for me. I don’t get off till 5 and don’t get home until 6. By then the initial DL was finished. I was pretty excited. W00T! I’ll be making my Privateer before dinner. Let’s start a-patching. OOOOOOO 66 minutes for the patch. Sweet, I guess that’s because the games only like a month old so how much patching could it need. Wait. oh man, that’s 66 hours. GAH! Well, updater’s always give you more time than what you need to start, it’ll even out soon. I still should be set to go, let me just walk away for a bit and then check the time.

[15 Minutes Later]

Hmmmmmmm 2 and half hours. Well, thats cool. By the time dinner is ready and finished I should be making my Privateer in no time.

[After dinner]

Hmmmmmmm 2 hours and 15 minutes left to go? *Sigh* Oh well, no biggie. I have 13 toons going in EQ2 and have plenty to do. Which I did, and I do. So no big whoop. (SEE ABOVE POST)

[11:15 Last night]

Shibby!!! I have no idea what time it finally finished patching but I’m GTG!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRtichoke. I really need to be in bed by 11:30 so maybe, I can make my toon real quick and run to the bed room.

I think I remember westkarana.com saying they had to go to a lower populated server, and that helped lag. And what I know about all the MMO’s I played in the past is water = lag. Pirates = water. Better go low populated server. At 11:15 that only gave me 1 choice as far as US servers go, Guadaloupe.

Schweeet I’m on my way. Customization is pretty fun and can be fairly time consuming. I decided to go with my Order of the Ravenclaw colors as a them. I get my face, and upper torso taken customized and I’m looking fairly sharp and BAM! I’m somehow on my select a server screen. What’s this?!?!

Oh well, I know what half of the customizations are. So I should be able to finish it in half the time. W00t there I am, that’s gonna be me and I’m gonna be cool!!! Name, hmmm name, need a cool one…

BAM! Back at select a server. *SIGH* *bad words* Oh well, let me discuss my name with my wife while we smoke a quick cigarette.

[Smoke cigarette, pick a name]

Log back into server, make my toon, get my name. W00t newbie zone here I come. Sweet… ASDW to move, just how I like it. Left button click, Right button rotates camera…just how I like it. Let me check my cool self out. HEY, what’s wrong with my eyes. I look stoned, or like my eyes are dead. UGH. Oh well, it’s late, I’m tired. I haven’t killed anything. Lets check out the tutuorial. Kill 5 pirates. Done, seemed ok. Destroy two ships, that seems fine. Woot I’m on land. Turn in the quest DING I’m lvl 2. WTF is up with my eyes. Gah that bugs me. I gotta fix that.

Delete toon, remake same way, same name. GAH freakin stupid eyes. Run through tutorial. DING lvl 2. Oooooo here’s my Privateer trainer guy. GAH! It’s late.

William Rowling at your service.

Final time in bed 1:15 am. (6:10am came very very early).

Gotta figure out how to fix those eyes. Thats going to kill me. I hit PotBS forum’s this morning. I’ve got to mention this. I came back to add this just because I feel it’s that important. Go to your favorite MMO’s forum. Strike that, go to any MMO’s forum. Find their General Gameplay section. Now look through the last three pages and count the flame threads. Or the this game sucks threads. Every MMO has them. People are fickle or whiny or both depending on how you look at it. Now hit the PotBS forums and count the flame threads. I think I counted maybe 1 and in that thread the guy came back and said he was misinformed and apologized.

One could argue that the game is new and with a low subscriber base and that is why there aren’t many of those threads. But, I remember trying D&D Online, and LotR when they both came out. I don’t think either was out of beta and you need both hands to count the flames. Even now, as polished (yet room for improvement) as I feel EQ2 is, you find flames everywhere.

Is the game just that good? You can definitely find threads saying: This needs work but there’s a lot of potential. Is the community just that good natured, mature and are developing their love for the game? Maybe, at this point I have no clue. But, I’m looking forward to finding out.

EDIT: After searching through the forums I was able to find this solution to the character creation screen (It could also help fix my red eyes). If you need it you can read it here.


3 Responses to “2 4 Tues: PotBS, My Experience Thus Far:”

  1. Woot!

    British on Guadaloupe? Look up Liz Strickland, free trader, at your service 🙂

    — Tipa @ West Karana

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    Will do thanks 8) Just gotta figure out how to send a tell first 🙂

  3. /tell Liz Strickland, Long live the King! Long may the Empire stand!

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