EQ2 and GU42 Disappointments and W00TS

Myself, like many other EQ2’ers was expecting this GU42 yesterday. I can’t remember the interview I read but, it basically said “If everything goes right Feb 5th will be the day it goes live”.

Personally, when I saw the update didn’t happen my thought was, “Well, I guess everything didn’t go right.” I’ve still got PotBS to tinker with and at least they are taking the time to make sure the update is as bug free as possible. Now, I won’t have to hit their offical forums and read on how horrible they are to release a buggy update. Instead I ran across this post.

I have mixed feelings on this. Overall, I just think it’s funny. You can’t win for losing kind of thing. However, there is something to be said about expectations and excuses. Even though the Dev’s never said 100% for sure that the update was going to happen they made the mistake to hint about it. I’m sure they were just as excited about the update as we, the players, are. But, everyone reading this post remember this because it is a universal truth. If you tell someone something in advanced, you are SETTING EXPECTATIONS. If you tell them after the fact you are MAKING EXCUSES.

Personally, I didn’t interpret the dev’s as setting expectations. Some people are horrible about selective reading. I can do that sometimes too. However, SOE could have came out the moment they knew it was going to be pushed back a day and said, “I know we hinted it was going to be released on this date, but we’ve decided to push it back.” And they could have done that the second they knew and you wouldn’t be looking at 11 pages of complaints.

And by all means, I don’t think SOE is responsible for people being upset. I’m a firm believer that it was those players faults by making assumptions. I do believe that SOE could have communicated things alittle better and that would have alleviated that many complaints. Of course, I’m willing to bet money that even if they did mention the push back that they’d still have a thread of people complaining. I guess it’s a “Your damned if you do damned if you don’t” kind of thing.

So, with that being said, I (as I’m sure many other people are based on that thread) when I saw this article. So I rushed over to EQ2 Players, which is where you should go and see this video. All i gotta say is oooooooooooooooo. Why am I at work? Looks awesome, can’t wait can’t wait.


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