My friends, my readers, just in case your not sure….I can be an idiot. And that’s not a slam on myself, that’s just the way it is. So, for my day + that I have been playing PotBS, I was thinking my graphics were ok. Nothing spectacular but, ok. The water was kind of laughable really. It looked like a plate of blue with a funky kind of texture on it. And I’ve already blogged about those dead red eyes that have been driving me nuts.

So, I’m playing PotBS last night, and I can’t remember what I was looking for. I think it was where I could find my skill list (skill button, DUH) and I run across my video options. Ewwww the whole thing is set on performance. My logic is that the game checked out my specs and decided this noisy clunk of a system that I have stinks and it couldn’t handle any better. But, lets see what this game will looked like decked out. Worse comes to worse I’ll get some horrible lag and will need to change the settings back.

To my suprise, my monitor sprang to life, that dull blue plating with the funky texture turned into this beautiful, deep blue ocean with reflections of the lush, tropical mountain. The whole land mass in fact went from this light brown sand and green grass stuff, into an amazing forest. My jaw dropped. Hey look…there’s actual people on my ship. INSANE. And guess what, NO LAG! Well, no lag that I could really tell.

I finished my mission like that. Time to zone back to land where, I just know I’ll be in lag city. Nope, my bad. Instead of lag, I just got shadows everywhere. The city again sprang to life. Textures everywhere on everything. Let me check my guy out….CHA-CHING. No dead red eyes. I ran the rest of the night with little or no lag on a mediocre at best computer system.
I did get a bit of lag here and there but, I think if I just tweek out the settings some, I’ll get really nice graphics and good preformance.

So, William hit level 4 and we did a few fun quests. I can’t wait to keep exploring what the game has to offer. After my blogs I’ve got to go, research this quest I’m stumped on.
Oh, and one more thing on PotBS. If you haven’t found the joys of /toot give that emote a try. My 10 year old son and I must have done that for maybe 15 minutes straight. My son was giggling the whole time. Best emote ever!


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