Weekend Recap!

It feels like it’s been a long gaming weekend for me, which it kind of has been. Things have been kinda crazy and sorry I did not get a chance to hit my Sat and Sun posts. Even looking back on it I don’t even know where to begin. I’m just going to give my updates as they come to mind from Wednesday night to Sunday night.

My wife and I noticed how close our guild were and decided it must ding. And, ding it did. Level 62!!! CONGORATZ OotR and job well done everyone! (they really are a good bunch o’ people)
During one of our days I had to log in Crookshankz over in Runnyeye. He’s my Hardcore challenge guy. Knocked out a quick level with him. I have a great time on my bruiser and always seemed amazed at the DPS these guys can put out. I’ve got a Bruiser on my Najena server that I really need to play more often. If anything, both of them need to hit lvl 37 to get their MC Gi’s.
My wife was devistated by having her first death. We briefly morned and the gaming kept on going.
Friday night I went to bed with Pullo 9% away from level 80. I did what any other hardcore gamer would do. On Saturday, I took my computer to work! Shortly after my lunch break Pullo became my very first ever level 80 toon. I was, am, very excited about it. Shortly after, the wife dinged as well! WOOT GRATZ HER!!!
I was pondering the question on, should I continue playing Pullo for a few more weeks just to pimp him out. By the time I hit 80 though….
…killed it for me. At first, I thought it was way fun to read the channel spam on where people have looked for a particular epic, where they are looking, and where they’ll be looking next. Was almost like the server was all coming together for a common goal. That was really nice to see…for about the first two hours.
After that it just became monotonous. After the third day after the patch I had to kill channel chat. It just got annoying, all the “Hey link this epic” “So and so’s epic is wayyy to easy” “So and so’s epic is just toooo hard”. Literally, everyone became Charlie Brown’s teacher. “Woh woh woh, woh woh.”
By the time I hit 80 I knew Pullo was going to be sat down for a bit.
Took Disiri out to build up her skill. She could only mine and harvest in ROK which I guess is what I need to do the most of. I am not a huge fan of the harvesting but, it is a necessary evil with the prices of stuff so expensive.
I got to play her a little last night and knocked out a few KP quests. I was glad to see I didn’t forget how to play her duo’ing with the wife’s Fury. I really can’t wait to see what she can do in a few levels.
We have a little catching up to do. The people we were planning to group with these toons are starting to outlevel us. So, we’re going to put a little extra effort in catching up. Shouldn’t be too tough and since we’ve already been through these zone’s once, hoping that’ll make the second time easier.
Dinged my sage 45 which is awesome for me, As I am not a huge fan of crafting. It’s not like I hate crafting, it’s just…well…kind of boring and there are so many things in Norrath that really need to die. I think however that I’m going to focus my efforts on leveling up my sage. I have guildies that don’t mind making my high level spells but, I always feel like I’m burdening them. I’m sure they feel things in Norrath need to die as well. Plus, sometimes they can have extended turn around times and I can’t really complain cause out of the goodness of their hearts they’re making my stuff for almost free (as long as I provide the rares and fuel). And seeing how my SK A3’s are going for 14pp per item, 4pp 10g seems like a deal.
Did not get to play much once I got into the world of Norrath. As I stated I hit level 9. Honestly, I’m feeling kind of lost in the game. I definately don’t understand crafting, or the broker, or really ship battles for that matter. I am following the quest line waiting for things to click for me but…It’s just not. I think I need to find me a good noobie friendly society to perhaps offer guidance but, after pressing alot of keys, I’m not finding a Society tool to help finding a guild.
Maybe I should google search a bit more to see if I can find a website with some guides or something.

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