Random Writings

Sorry for such a late post (I’m actually assuming someone other than myself reads this 🙂 Work has been a busy today so, it’s kind of diffult to work and write at the same time. I don’t have much to report from the world of Norrath today.

Last night, I decided my Gnome Swashy was going to become my Carpenter and leveled him to 15. Furniture is getting too cool not to have a Carpenter. If you haven’t hit the EQ2 Forums Home and Garden Thread lately, you really should go over and see some of the idea’s some people are coming up with. Some houses are truely amazing and extremely creative. I’m suggesting that is THE must tradeskill. From my understanding higher level carpenters make very good bank.

Of course, me and tradeskills don’t get along that well, weelllllll it’s me and harvesting really. I don’t mind tradeskilling at all and can usually fight the bordom of spamming buttons decent enough. It’s more the going out to harvest harvest harvest. My 45 sage has already worked his way through 3 stacks of ashen roots. Based off that I only need 3-4 more stacks to finish the teir *gulp*

Disiri, my conj recieved 2 AA’s last night from questing in KP. Which, is awesome. She’s lacking very much so in the AA department of course she was created before they lowered AA’s to start at level 10. So, that’s her excuse.

In between working I hit EQ2 Forums and EQ2Flames. There is something about the majority of posts that just make my head hurt. I guess what can I expect from going to a forums called Flames but jeez. I’m always simply amazed how SOE and EQ2 down right ruin the lives of people because they can’t solo their Epic Weapon or they can’t figure out how to play there class right, or so and so did this or that. I think I’m going to have to quit viewing them, at least for a while until I feel more tolerant or at least restrict my viewing to Home and Garden and maybe some of the art work threads. At least it I shouldn’t have to worry about What class should I play questions (like I know their play style) or Why can’t SK’s hold aggro (which should read “Why can’t I hold aggro with my SK’s…I think I hold aggro fine with my SK although depending on where I’m fighting some other tank classes can hold it better).

If things slow up here a bit, I’ll try to give u my two fer but, atm I can’t make promises.

Happy hunting.


3 Responses to “Random Writings”

  1. I read every post.

    — Tipa @ West Karana

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    That means alot! Thanks!

  3. I read every post too….shows Brenda and I have good taste 🙂

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