Game’s I’m Rooting For!

Did I say speculation in my last post? OK, don’t mind if I do 🙂

I’d like to think that I’m not alone in getting excited over games yet to be released. I’ve faced several disappointments lately. God’s and Heroes folded, Marvel Online busted, and apparently, LucasArts is NOT releasing KOTOR – Online. And even though I’m thoroughly disappointed with the news, I guess that is a good thing.There are a ton of MMO’s coming out and I am of the opinion that if it’s not even making out of the gate then obviously something major was wrong or someone on the game wasn’t behind it 100%. And besides, like I said, there’s a ton of games coming out and the herd definately needs thining. With that in mind I thought I’d mention a few games I am rooting for…

I know, I know, you probably think it’s a weak choice. The game is out. People are playing it. But, the game is still new and it has the potential to be something great. I feel this game is in a state of Make or Break and the next few updates they put out will speak volumes of the level success that Flying Labs wants to attain. It looks fairly obvious that the team working on it truely take pride in it. Fix the melee, and work out the tutorials (I still feel fairly lost) and then we go from there. GO TEAM GO!!!

Cry Gaia
Or Dark Days Are Coming or whatever it’s name is this week. If you haven’t heard of this game, it had a cool start on how it introduced people to the idea. From how I understand it, the ever so sneaky people at Funcom started sending out riddles to selected people that initially signed up on their website. Riddles, led to other clues, and eventually they all ended up to the link I gave. This is touted to be the H.P. Lovecraft of MMO’s. Other than that, I haven’t been able to find too much on the game itself. But, with an intro like that I am expecting great things from them.

Code Named: Copernicus
When EQ2 and Curt Schilling teamed up the first time for a charity, honestly, I was like…who? After not alot of webbrowsing, I found out who he was. After speaking with some EQ2 vet’s apparently, in game he’s got a shakey reputation of throwing his weight around to get lock out timers in raid zones lifted….or something like that. I dunno, thats just a rumor and probably not even worth justifying. I don’t even know the full rumor or care really for that matter.

When I did care, was when it was announced that Todd McFarlene, RA Salvatore and Curt was going to create their own MMO. That made me very randy indeed. If your a red blooded, apple pie American Curt Shilling oooooooooo. If your a 35 year old guy that’s not in the least bit athletic and grew up on Comic books and has a strong affection for a drow named Drizzt, all you can say is SHIBBY!!!!

If this combination doesn’t smack you in the face with potential, then I don’t know what does. I have huge hopes for this. Curt brings his love of MMO’s, Todd fantastic creativity and artwork and RA has a great nack for storytelling. The other thing I like about it, is Todd also writes, RA also does art. It’s like they are utility and that’s a huge key to success.

Many of the biggest successes in the world are composed of utility players. Look at it like this, Paul plays a great Bass, but also can play Guitar, Piano, Mandolin and who knows what else. John plays a mean Guitar, but also Piano and harmonica. George plays anything with strings from Guitar to Ukulele to some funky little middle eastern kinda guitar but not really with a groove kinda sound. And Ringo…well…Ringo plays drums and I’m sure can throw a baseball :-).

And I swear, I swear to God that if the game isn’t any good I’m canceling my subscription to the geek club!

ADD ON: You know what I’d really root for? Either one of the following Doctor Who or Harry Potter MMO’s. Both have so many oppertunities for greatness. Both would provide huge worlds and endless possiblities…oooo oooo…combine the two. No one could deny that a wizard traveling around in a Tardis would be awesome…or perhaps an alien from Galifrey going to Hogswarts oooooo…sometimes I’m genius 🙂


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