Nightly Update

Last night, there wasn’t much time for gaming. By the time my wife and I logged in fairly late due, to a Family nite at our local Chick-Fil-A for our son’s school. Basically, a portion of our order goes to my son’s school, and there’s a bunch of kids there and cow’s encouraging us to eat more chicken. Things of that nature. I found it amazing how uncomfortable I feel out in public now adays. I’m just turning into too much of a hermit in my old age or possibly I’ve been gaming so much I just feel out of touch with the real world. Personally, I’m sure it’s the first as, I come from a long line of hermits on my father’s side.

So, we get home and our son hi-jacks the wife’s computer to play Supreme Commander. While he does that I get my swahy to level 20 as a Carpenter. And by that time, the boy has to go to bed. He was really happy he had time to “hammer on the bad guy’s base” with some laser somethingerother. By the time the wife and I log in, we have time to complete 3 quests and then log out to go to bed.

Which leads me to this morning, where I have pondered for some time on the direction to take my blog in. I always have a tough time with direction when it comes to writing on a regular basis. What should I talk about and what I shouldn’t. Should I give my insites on other peoples blogs? How about MMO news and giving my own commentary?

The more I thought on this the more I decided, who schmares. Just write. That’s usually the hardest part anyways right? I know I want to keep the blog about MMO’s and primarily about EQ2. But the rest, I’ll just write about what ever is on my mind.

So, in order to make up for my lack of blogs of my twofer, and/or lack of and intresting blog. Here are some random blogs that’s been brewing in my brain. Hope you enjoy!


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