Sci Fi MMO’s

…where are they? I know there’s AO and Eve and SWG but, I’m talking about the good ones (Even though I will say I hear good things about Eve). And I really think I know the problem with most MMO’s when it comes to changing out of the typical fantasy genre. Almost every MMO I have played or tried to play regardless of the genre all base themselves off the typical Fantasy Genre. If I’m playing Sci-Fi why am I worried about my Spell buttons? I shouldn’t be “casting” anything. I shouldn’t be doing anything I could possible conceive as “casting” I should be doing something different. If I want to cast anything wouldn’t I be back in Norrath?

At the same time I don’t think Tabula Rasa has it right either. If I wanted to play a FPS why wouldn’t I be playing Battlefield again? And I don’t want a mix of both worlds. Why would I want a game that sort of reminds me of other games. In fact, I may miss or like those other games alot and being reminded of them, reminds me that I need to go and play those games.

So I guess what I’m saying is be unique. The guy who wrote the first Castle Wolfenstein didn’t copy anything. He just made a game that all others copy to this day. And whoever made the first MMO…well…I guess he copied RPG’s which kinda copied D&D. But, whoever came up with THAT concept was being unique.

Focus on character development. Where WoW focuses on ease of play and making end game play become accessible to casual players, remember that some people like the whole getting to level 70 just as much and enjoy seeing the new things you can get your character to do. Some of my fondess moments of EQ1 was learning how to spam languages, and while camping mobs working with my group to learn a new language. When I tried LotRO, my favorite part of the game was getting a insturment and trying to figure out how to play songs. Make crafting something that’s actually fun to do. If you hit EQ2 forums (which I’m still against atm) you’ll see people waaaaaay hardcore into crafting. I”m sure it’s like that in other MMO’s as well. I’m willing to bet good money, that if you were to make a MMO that focus’ed soley on crafting, and made harvesting and crafting fun…that game would be a huge success. Leave out the adventuring all together.

Don’t fall for gimicky. AoC, a game that I was really wanting to check out has announced they will be showing the bubblies. That’s right, full…uh….whoo-hahs. Honestly, I don’t have an issue with it and kind of like that idea. However, my wife, due to my 10 year old son, she will definately have a problem with it. So unless there is a censored version of it, I don’t see me playing the game….ever. But, the boobage, while as appealing as it is to me, just sounds gimicky to me though. It feels like “We couldn’t think of anything original, so we decided to show boobs”

I have at least read the first two books (and still have no idea how they are popular) and I do know and understand that people were dressed that way in them. And yet I still can’t shake the feeling that it’s just being used. I think it’s because they just officially announced it. They came out saying, “this will be an adult MMO” when the game was announced. Then earlier this month they say “well, the game is going to show some fun-bags” The issue shouldn’t have been addressed at all. Just let it be what it is.

What I’m looking for is something new from all these MMO’s coming out….lol…I feel like…I have a dream. A dream where Dark Elves and Wood Elves run around and play togehter. Where I play a Fantasy Game that uses Fantasy style armor (it always cracks me up when people say that they want their armor to look realistic while they are playing kerrans). Or, how bout since I just stick with my current MMO and stop speculating πŸ˜›


4 Responses to “Sci Fi MMO’s”

  1. Gary Gygax wrote D&D based on some rules for fantasy miniatures written by Dave Arneson, who was inspired by the sort of table-top, miniatures wargaming popular at the time, which went back to Avalon Hill’s unit-based tabletop wargames.

    Point I’m making is that nothing stands alone, and to demand something original is disingenuous because nothing is ever, really, original.

    SF — real SF — is, like satire, a reflection of the real world, twisted a little. It also doesn’t stand alone. Depart too much from reality and it just becomes fantasy’s bastard child, Space Opera — what most people think of today when they think of SF.

    And there sits all the SF-nal MMOs we have today.

    — Tipa @ West Karana

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    Wow, you’re quick and the fact you know that ’bout D&D frightens me πŸ˜› Hey! that rhymes.

    Perhaps, I should use Unique instead of original? OK I’ll make that change.

    I am of the belief though, that train of thought would = SF and Fantasy is all based off of real life or those pesky Sumerians and that’s just plain boring πŸ™‚

    I am of the belief that Sci Fi can and does stand alone, as much as Fantasy stands alone from fiction. Heinlein, Clarke, even Star Trek, in my opinion had no elements of fantasy (at least that comes to mind at the moment)

    Of course, MMO or gaming wise in general, I do agree they try to mix the two.

  3. I think Star Trek had a few too many all-powerful, godlike races running around to be considered hard SF. They did pretty well, though. Later series devolved to being able to do anything with a phaser and a deflector array, and the holodecks were overtly magical. But I don’t think anyone confuses the newer Treks with SF.

    The problem with SF MMOs is, as you know, that nobody knows what one *looks like*.

    There was an old board game which had many rigid, unyielding rules, except that every player had one rule they could break. But of course, doing so would reveal what they were. Until they were forced to break a rule in order to continue, you had no idea what they might be able to do.

    That would be an interesting basis for an MMO, I think.

    — Tipa @ West Karana

  4. Crookshankz Says:

    Tipa, I agree with you 100% with your comment on all accounts. Haven’t heard of the board game though, or at least it doesn’t sound familiar. Thanks for your thoughts πŸ˜€

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