Wednesday Night Happenings

I pretty much stayed on Najena last night. Was a great night for me recieving things from the crafters I mailed out to. YA!!!

Marant got the rest of his 42 armor!

Disiri dinged 72 and got to equip her gear as well. I had enough tynnonium to get her spells as A3’s

Pullo also received a big order of A3’s. Just 1 more silicate and he’ll be done as far as having himself completely outfitted. Can’t wait to see what kind of DPS he’ll kick out now. I really need to get off my lazy buttocks and install a parser.

Bout to log in, and check my vendors and then harvest some from my sage’s push to level 50. Although, if somethings going on in the guild they’ll have an easy time to convince me to put that aside.

Happy Hunting everyone!


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