My Weekend

It was a very…different weekend for me where gaming is concerned. I updated pic’s Wednesday night so, you should have a decent idea of what happened then. Thursday night, for some odd reason I felt like alting some. I have a RL friend that is giving EQ2 a shot so, we grouped with him some. I took my noob Pally, the wife’s warden and my buddy’s swashy into the wailing caves and we all dinged a few times.

Afterwards I broke out my healer and the wife hit her dirge and we let my buddy tank in Stormhold. We had a good time. It was nice doing something different.

Friday, my wife had to go to Fort Lauderdale due to a family emergency. Things there are working out ok but, that left me last night feeling kind of alone 😦 I crafted a bit, harvested a bit, and worked alittle figuring out how to make that second floor in my Apartment (it’s not as easy as it looked).

While I was crafting last night I tried Grimwell’s “Craft and Podcast” technique. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Due to the freaking SOE podcast though I started looking at their other games (I’m sure that’s part of their intention) Sigh…looks like I may try Vanguard. Or MXO, or maybe both.

I really doubt I’ll be leaving EQ2 any time soon but, it’s nice to break up the montony. Besides, I’m paying all this cash for my station pass I may as well take advantage of it. Plus, EQ2 has me a bit discouraged with the money I spent on my t8 A3 spells. And now we’re doing it all over on our next toons to hit 80. I will say, I look forward to further expansions and the addition to more T8 zones. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy RoK a ton. But, my wife and I have done 80+ quests per zone. Now I we have to do those 80+ quests per zone all over again. Needless to say, I’m not looking too forward to that nor the crazy amount of plat I’m going to have to try to raise to get my rares.

Finally, after wandering around aimlessly in Norrath, I decided to try some PotBS. First, I thought I’d make a Pirate to try them out. I was a bit discouraged to find out I couldn’t make him on my server. I think that’s due to how the game works it’s economy but, I’m not certain. So I went to Kidd (different server) and made my Pirate. Turn’s out the Pirate’s quests seems to start the exact same as the Freetraders and Privateer’s. After one or two quests I logged him.

Hopped on my Privateer and started questing on him. I still feel very much like I’m just going through the motions. Seems like once I leave my starter city the quest lines between my Freetrader and Privateer start to differ which is good. I was excited about trying to quest for my gun however, I believe I still need a few more levels.

I came into work today and researched PotBS. I found this site and this one. As much as I’ve read on it, I’ll say they have helped out some. Especially, about classes. Seems I’ve been neglecting some must have’s skills when I point. I should be able to correct that easy enough.
I need to research a bit to find if there’s a way for me to get a squaky parrot. Every sailor really just needs a boat and a squaky parrot.


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