VanDamn that Vanguard

I suppose the first thing that you should be aware of is my wife is currently out of town due to a family emergency. The second thing for you to be aware of is that EQ2 is our game. Playing MMO’s is one of the first things she got me into and is something that we share. Since she went down to Fort Lauderdale for the weekend (I couldn’t go, I had to work) I have felt kind of hum drum about playing. In my futile attempts to play, I’ve kept it just tradesklling while listening to SOE’s podcast.

That stupid podcast, got me curious to check out Vanguard. Apparently, the game’s been going through alot of changes and is suppose to be getting really good. I haven’t even gave it much thought since I played it last during open beta. And since I wasn’t feeling my EQ2 and PotBS has me feeling very lost, I thought I’d give it a try.

Saturday after work, I swing by my local electronic’s store, and pick up a copy. On the way home I swing by Wendy’s go grab some semi-tasty grub. I sit the food next to my computer. Pop the DVD open plug it in, and nothing happens. Hmmmmmmm.

I do a quick check and find my computer isn’t regeristing my CD and DVD rom drive. Yikes! Now, I’ve spent a good amount of my life doing tech support and I know that this is a semi-common issue and usually is software related. I break out my food and start eating while doing a quick google search for the fix. I find the fix and the wife calls.

Now, I’ve got the wife on speaker and the phone is proped up on my keyboard, I’ve got a Wendy’s single with cheese in my left hand and my mouse in the right. And I’m doing the fix to get my drives to show back up which has to do with changing my computer’s registry. I’m sure some of you see where this is going.

So listening, talking, eating, drinking, reading the fix, ok…ok…now delete this reg key…delete that regkey….OOPS! What did I just delete? GAH should have backed up my registry. wTF. OK, ok…what if I just X out? OOPS…oh yeah. Thats right, it automatically saves it doesn’t it. Well, I’m not noticing any adverse effects. Hmmmmmm…still missing my drives.

Lets restart and see what happens. Hmmmmmmm…mouse doesn’t work. Well, it’s a USB mouse, maybe I accidentally removed my USB ports. Let me try this other mouse. Nope, nope. I must have deleted my the registry key for my mouse. Luckily, I know how to move around the computer mouse free. So, let’s see if I can add new hardware. Nope! Jeesh. Oh AND my drive’s still aren’t picking up. Just dandy.

I don’t know what made me think of it, but I checked for a restore point which I knew wasn’t going to be there. To my surprise there was and it was only 1 day old. SHIBBY.

MY MOUSE IS BACK! YIPPIE!!!. So food’s finished, phone call is over, mouse is back. I shut down my computer down and pop it open. I reseat my IDE cables and fire the computer back up. Both drives are there! SUCCESS!!

Finally. *whew* Game load’s in, now after install just two and a half short hours until patching is done. Sometimes, I miss playing non-mmo’s on the PC. Sometimes you may have to download a quick patch here or there but usually those are quick little downloads. But, oh well, I’ve got dishes to do anyways.

Apparently, I wash dishes faster than Vanguard patches. But, I keep myself occupied. I have enough time to create a Wood elf druid and ding him to level 3. OK time for bed.

Yesterday, I log back in, fairly excited playing a damage dealing druid again. Somehow, I do a bad jump up and end up landing in between two boulders. My toon looks like he’s in a perpetual jump while he’s stationary. I remember I had that happen to me once or twice in EQ1 and there use to be a hot key you could hit that would take you back a step or two so I send out a /ooc for help. It was nice to get a quick response from the community with no outcry of NOOB. /stuck yes is the command. Which makes you wonder, “so this happens enough for them to make a command out of it” Now that I think about it, I don’t know if EQ2 has a command to get unstuck. I’ve never gotten stuck, so I’ve never researched it. But, all in all this is no big deal.

I’m exploring trying to find my next update and all of a sudden my screen flashes, turns blue (no text) and my speakers are just going “whuuuuuummmmm” over and over. That’s not good. Restart the computer, try to log my toon back in and the computer locks back up.

I know I haven’t mentioned the spec’s you have to have to run Vanguard well. Of course, I don’t have those spec’s. I know I have a very modest kinda computer. 3 gig dual core intel, 1.5 gig PC 5300 ram. It’s not the best but, it’s not total junk yet (give it another half year). After tinkering with the settings I have to run the game at medium low performance and all the bells and whistles turned off to provide me limited lag. So, I’m thinking that was my issue there.

I force myself to log EQ2 and craft some toons up a few levels. I get bored. I log into PotBS and get my Privateer up to level 9. Still on the lookout for a good society and a squaky bird to sit on my shoulder. Get bored. Decided to try Vanguard again.

Now I am able to log in, it put me in back at the Wood Elf starting area thingy. For some reason I keep thinking that the quest I’m on is taking me North to the camp area. Which is where I crash. I run on the other side of the path I’m following and I make it to the area, where I find out I’m actually in the wrong spot and have to run back. On my way back, I’m not thinking about it and run through the exact same spot. BAM BLUE SCREEN and “WHUUUUUMMMM, WHUUUUMMMM, WHUUUUMMMM” is echoing through my speakers.

I’m not sure if I’ll log back in honestly. I can making a different toon or log in this toon again to try to see if it’s just that one particular area. That’s what I’m thinking…it’s like a dead spot. The rest of the game seemed ok. A bit laggy on my system. I would love to have a screenshot to show you however F11 wasn’t taking screenshots like it was suppose to and I was just too lazy to printscreen it.


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