One of those blogs…

I’m having a rough time coming up with a solid idea for a blog today and I don’t even have a good recap of last night. My wife and son came home yesterday. They were away on a family emergency. It was great to see them and we watched Zathura while we had dinner and I put the boy to bed.

I logged briefly into Vanguard. I was uber laggy but, was able to play without my computer spazzing out on me. I’ve got all my settings on low and the game still responds slow. I’m thinking that may be a uninstall for now and when I upgrade my computer I’ll give it a shot again. That should take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, so you shouldn’t hold your breath for an update on it any time soon.

Logged into EQ2 just to check my vendors and was pleasantly surpised that my carpenter sold a good amount of low level crafting items. Not a whole lot but at least enough that paid for my fuel costs. And after 48 LONG crafting levels on my sage he finally is starting to turn a profit. (App 4’s up to this point have rarely sold and if they do it’s usually at bare minimum over fuel cost) Him selling things are a good thing though as he is on crafting hiatus until he makes some money to buy fuel. You’d be surprised how quick it can go at 30g per fuel stack and overall right now my toons are all in times of “Financial Rebuilding”. Afterwards, I reviewed Fury AA choices. Next thing I knew it was bed time. Jeez, I’m a way exciting guy.

After browsing around everwhere for some Xtra Insperation on a good topic for me to blog on today, I’ve pretty much fell short. I am fairly excited I found a trial for Lineage II here Basically, you’ve got to download a magazine and they give you a copy of it? I dunno, I’m at work so I haven’t had a chance to read all the details. Give me till tonight and I’ll read the details and let you know the deal.

I’ve been wanting to try that game forever and a day, and the game doesn’t offer trial on a consistant basis. The graphics for it looks awesome. But, I do hear that the PvP is horrible for new players. I’ll keep you updated.


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