My Cat’s Are Weird

They are too however, that has nothing to do with my blog. It’s more of a small piece of information about myself. My blog tonight is more along the lines of a recap of my gaming event’s tonight.

I’m just sitting here while the wife decides if she’s going to log into EQ2 tonight and thought I’d give an update on tonight’s gaming experiences.

As promised, I uninstalled Vanguard tonight. That game took up insane amounts of hard drive space. Either it was just pure ridiculous or the game truly has a huge world.

I did investigate the Lineage 2 trial. Looked simple enough. Basically, you sign up for a free subscription for an online magazine and sign up for it there. Gives you a code and a download link and your on your way.

The magazine doesn’t look too bad. It was all online gaming stuff. I didn’t really feel like reading through it but the lay out does look nice. The advertisements in it contained game trailers which is kind of cool. In the same magazine they give you a PotBS pendant for extra stats which I signed up for as well.

This Lineage 2 file is huge though. I think it’s going to end up taking roughly 8 hours and that’s before the patch. Yikes.

On the flip side to that, while goofing around here at GAX I saw they were offering a free trial to EVE. I thought to myself, since I wound up with so much free hard drive space after removing VG, I thought I’d give it a try. So, I downloaded EVE. EVE, on the totally opposite end of the spectrum took me roughly 29 minutes to download and maybe 3 minutes to patch. I really don’t believe I got the full game. This must only be the tutorial.

So, I made my guy or ship. I wish I would have researched things a bit more cause even in ship creation I felt like a total n00b. It took both myself and my son to figure out how to get out of the dock (duh…the undock button maybe). I got what I felt was most of the way out of the tutorial before I was called to dinner.

My thoughts on the game so far: A. It looks beautiful. B. Seems kind of slow. Most of the action is a click or a right click. Attack is right click > Lock Target > press laser button till ship is destroyed. I’m sure it’ll have to get more exciting than that.

After we put to boy to bed I logged on my EQ2 Hardcore Challenge toon and wh00ped up on some bugbears. Dinged him 26 real quick. (Is it just me or are the 20’s easier to level now?)

And that brings me to this moment. Sitting here waiting to see if the wife is going to log in while I chat with you and my guild at the same time. If not I need to go to bed soon anyways.

Happy Hunting!!


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