Wisdom Teeth, Hydrocodone, MMO Ecstacy Update

I’m just now getting over having my 2 impacted wisdom teeth removed + 1 other tooth which a wisdom tooth was growing into. However, the time I spent off work gave the wife and I some quality gaming time…which was “very nice” *think Borat*

Crafting Galore
I’ll save you the boring details on this but I now have a:
Lvl 30 Carpenter
Lvl 45 Tailor
Lvl 46 Jeweler
Lvl 50 Sage

I’m trying hard to get at least my Sage up into his 70’s but that darn Vitality is killing me. My Najena Crookshankz did a HQ: In Honor and Service (which a step has been changed since the last time I’ve done it so you may want to read up on it, if you haven’t done it in a while) as to get Status to upgrade to a 2 room apt. His two mahogony scroll stands were full with more on the way. At least, after he hit 45 I can sell spells for more than fuel cost. Now he has 3 scroll stands and I look forward to filling that 3rd stand up.

My wife and I did take a hiatus from questing last night to start harvesting for our next toons to take the long hike up the road to 80. We’ve decided on her dirge and my fury. I’m not huge into playing healers, but at least the fury has decent DPS and great heals with a short recast timer. I’ve tried a Templar, Inquisitor (good heals, loooong recast timer, limited DPS but, decent melee) Mystic (At level 35 my wards were long recast time and heals I thought were to the weak side, great debuffs, still limited DPS) I did like my Warden and would consider rerolling one. I’m not a super huge fan of HoT’s but I could work it.

I am a bit curious on what all I can do with making a battle druid and plan to tinker with my AA’s quite a bit on the fury. My intent right now is to go STA, INT and STR. STA to help with Heal Crit’s and no interuptions, INT for spell damage bonus, and STR gives double change to melee, with a heal proc added in. OOOOOOO sounds like fun. If that doesn’t work STR will be substituted for WIS for more healing bonus and that double edged sword rebirth. I’ll keep you updated.

My fury is just 1 rare away from having his gear all MC. Which is better than the wife’s dirge as feysteel seems even more difficult to harvest now than it did before, (and it was a PITA before). I still have over 20 loams to make her some A3’s from the last time I went Feysteel harvesting so at least she’ll have that going for her.

We took our duo out with some guildies and hit RoV. We breezed through it. Was super fun, almost no challenge. Only worried about the tank going down once or twice but really, he never dipped below 70%. Have I said….Very Nice!

My conjy hit 73 and is just a sneeze away to 74. Next time I log her in, I should be able to get that with no troubles. I’ve got all her A3’s minus a few less necessary spells up till 76 with enough to rares to get her midway into her 78 spells. Technically, 9 more rares to go (yikes) but, at least I feel I have breathing room. Once I hit 75 my levels are gonna drag out. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to Kunzar’s Jungle again. As cool as the zone is, it does tend to drag.

And with all these pain killers from my dental surgery and gaming ecstacy, I somehow felt to reread HP and the Deathly Hallows. So, I’ve got to go and revisit Harry’s trip into Hogwarts (aw ya…best part). I was able today to catch up with most of my blogs and still need to hit Massively and MMORPG but, they’ll have to wait for 200 pages 🙂 I wouldn’t be suprised if you see another post from me today.


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