My Name’s Not On It

I remember an Episode of Happy Days where this gang of kids wouldn’t let poor Richie Cunningham sit at a booth because his name wasn’t on it. Well, Al wasn’t doing anything about it and that left Richie, Potsi, and Malph going to super cool Fonzie for help.

That episode sometimes reminds me of harvesting. I’m sure the issue I’m speaking of is fairly familiar in any MMO that involves harvesting items to craft. Let me set this up a little more. You hit your favorite harvesting hot spot. Some toon, we’ll call him Gooberhead, has went through and cherry picked all the choice nodes and left the undesirable nodes. So, looking across your land-o-plenty-nodes all you see is a bunch of . Time to man up…I’m going to clear this garbage out and then it’ll be some PRIME HARVESTIN TIME!!!!

So there you go, maybe you spend 15 minutes, or 30 minutes harvesting doo-doo and the sweetness starts poppin’! SHIBBY!! I’m heading back to were I started, gonna get my good crafting items, maybe pop a rare or two. Cause I spent all this time and I’ve got 2 stacks of Antonia coffee beans (you’d be surpised how few Norrathians actually drink coffee). Almost there, almost there….wait…who’s that in the distance? What’s he doing….O MAN!!! It’s Gooberhead and he’s back…him and his super NASCAR speed mount and his power drill, cut the harvesting time by half tools.

UGHHH, there he goes after the sweet nodes and skipping the doody. That’s ok, I’ve got this node right here. And here I go I’m attempting to harvest it. I’m parked, outta my car, chuggin away on it. Hey what’s Gooberhead doing…he’s at my node. Him and his power tools just ganked this node out from under me. LET THE TELLS BEGIN!!!

ME: WTF do you think your doing?
GOOBERHEAD: What’s it look like I’m doing
ME: Ganking my nodes, you saw me harvesting that stuff right?
GOOBERHEAD: I don’t see your name on it
ME: That’s it, I’m getting Fonzie
ME: Doesn’t your mom want you to take out the trash? Does she know your up this late? Shouldn’t you be doing homework?
GOOBERHEAD: /ignore Crookshankz

UGH, see what happened there. He didn’t hear my last thing cause he /ignored me. I think I may need an asprin because I’m getting a headache. Sigh, he’s gone and I’m left with these poopy-nodes again. *clear clear clear* Wootage, MINE ALL MINE. OMFG Gooberhead’s back!!! NO WAY HE’S BEATING ME THIS TIME! Wait who are these guys? Gooberhead is back but he’s followed by Dumarse, Effinnoob, and Spoogebob, AND AGAIN THEY’RE TAKING MY NODES!!

First, don’t give up! Madeye Moody taught us Constant Vigilance!
Second, /gu hey does anyone have time to help me teach some punks a lesson? Explain and that’s right, get your whole guild if you can come help you harvest this stuff! More than likely they’re just Wang Chunging anyways and nothing is more intimidating that a raid force harvesting in one area ๐Ÿ˜‰
Third, go through your friends list you’ve been building since you started playing the game and /tell got a few minutes?

Ok, now honestly, that’s never happened quite like that. It’ would be cool if it did wouldn’t it? I’m sure node gankers has happened to everyone at least some time. What’s your take on it? What do you do. Usually, I’ll give them a /tell Gooberhead If your going to harvest like that back to WoW, which sometimes snap people out of their harvest daze and I get an apology. Many times I get the Happy Days response. I know my wife is great on giving a little typing war. She can type so furiously when she wants you can swear the clickity clickty of her keyboard pounds out Flight of the Bumblebee in the key of F#. Which can be quite entertaining ๐Ÿ˜‰


4 Responses to “My Name’s Not On It”

  1. ARGH…that is awful eh?
    I do feel lucky as the harvesting gets almost zen like…going in circles, from node to node…enjoying the scenery…and I just seem to get lucky eventually …as the node stealers leave and then it is all mine..
    EQ2 seems to have more nice people though who will see you harvesting, and leave it alone…and I show the same courtesy.

  2. Flight of the Bumblebee in the key of F8?

    Oh, I misread ๐Ÿ˜›

    I had to do a ton of harvesting for my epic. Most people left me alone when they saw I was there, but occasionally people would come whizzing through, harvesting the good stuff. Nothing I could do but wish them to die horrible, horrible deaths IRL.

    — Tipa @ West Karana

  3. I loathe node thieves. And I don’t mean the average person who stumbles unto someone else’s harvest patch, realizes that someone else is there, apologizes and moves on. Even I have accidentally encroached on someone else’s patch and apologized after realizing my mistake. I refer to the asswipes that, like Crookshankz said, blatantly steal the good nodes right from under your nose and leave you with nothing but crap.
    The scenario he painted happened to me yesterday and I will admit that I was seriously tempted to enter a chat war. I have been known to /tell the offender and give him/her a piece of my mind in an attempt to disuade them from their actions. Some times that works. When that does not work, a /shout stating that “GOOBERHEAD is a node stealer” usually makes me feel better and gives other people a heads up to the goobery-action going on in zone.
    It’s just really upsetting when you realize that all the time you have spent harvesting crap was only to allow some goober to harvest the nodes you needed. Like Grimwell said (”…donโ€™t cherry pick and grab just the nodes you need. That strips the area clean of that node and if you donโ€™t grab the other harvest nodes (that you may not need) the odds of the one you need spawning (random tables) lower with every cherry you pick.”
    And on that note, I’ll see if I can find me some “goober-free” nodes to harvest.

  4. @Sweetpea

    I can’t help it…you used goober in your post a number of times to make it


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