Harvesting done….CHECK

Harvesting is finally done, at least for now for our level 30 Dirge and Fury. Once they hit 32 they will be completely decked out in MasterCrafted gear. I think Sweatpea is still waiting on 1 ore 2 peices to come back to her through mail from guildie crafters. VERRRRY NICE!

So to celebrate we decided to take the duo out to Enchanted Lands. We had never took our those toons there before and I was thinking it would be the best bang for our limited game time buck. We had 45 minutes. We went and grabbed every quest in that immediate area. From the Docks over to Sir Tatters, up towards the Lazy drain. 40 minutes left.

Every Wasp, badger, siren, turtle, deer, beetle, farie, bear…they didn’t even have time to fear our wraith. They were like…”Oh look, nice wood elves approach…*dead*”. I kind of felt bad because, if we were Role Playing (which I’m horrible at) I think they would have revoked our Wood Elf licsense. I was assured though that these creatures obviously had rabies and slaughtering them was best.

We didn’t stop the mass killing until, we had 5 minutes left. Then we went to do our turn in’s. DING 31!!! VERY NICE!!! Seems to me like lower lvl XP goes faster now that RoK is out. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m of the opinion that newer players need that extra amount of time to help develop their play style and figure out how to play the class appropriately. I dunno, I guess the extra 10 levels should help make up for it *gulp* maybe.


One Response to “Harvesting done….CHECK”

  1. Gnomes also have rabies. All of them.

    Do what you must.

    — Tipa @ West Karana

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