An Organization of Thoughts

Foreward: In retrospect this blog is more of an organization of thoughts than anything really. I appologize upfront for the incoherent ramble 😛

For this writing I need to go back in time a bit.

Starlog: 1 year ago. I’ve never been able to get my Mic port on either the front or back of my computer to work. After diddling with it for a week I said bump it and finally went and bought a USB headphone set to speak with guildies on vent.

Starlog: 2 months ago. My dog for some God forsaken reason feels the need to sit under my computer desk between me and the wall. From there he’s got a decent view of the window which is on the opposite wall. Apparently he hates Off white colored 2003 Ford Taurus’ and the one that pass by on the street was enough to compel him to fly to the window in a barking frenzy. In his haste, my beloved pup rips out my headphones and in doing so breaks my front USB ports. IE I have no mic.

Starlog: Friday nite. It’s roughly 10:30 pm EST. My wife went back down to Fort Lauderdale to see her family again. I work Saturday and unfortunately am unable to go. Log in EQ2 (my game of choice). I get an invite to bring Pullo, my SK into CoA (i don’t even know what that stands for) and play alittle DPS. I haven’t played Pullo in a week or two so I jump at the chance. W00T!

They are logged into vent chatting so I’m not seeing much as far as group talk. By the time I get there we’re looking at 10:45ish. I’m the last one in. The group made up of my guildies and a few people from our alliance guild (good peeps) cleared the way to the first 2 names. SLAM BAM THANK YOU MOB. They are down, dropping two measly little wooden chests. A message flashes across my screen. SERVER GOING DOWN IN 6 MINUTES. Please find a safe place to camp. O WTF!

We camp, the server goes down. I’m tinkering with the USB ports on the back of my computer and for some reason I can’t get the stupid mic to work. If I have it turned on all I hear is static. UGH. But I plug on Vent to listen anyways.

Point of the blog. Of course, being gaming fanatics that we are the chat is going towards the server being down. Ours was one of three down. One of the people in Vent was making the point that he hoped it didn’t have anything to do with the built in game Legends of Norrath. He proceeded to go into a fairly persuasive argument that lately if you see the game server going down, or the update notes there are a ton of updates and fixes going towards the LoN game, while if you catch a Sokocar in any of the RoK zones your likely to be flying if not sideways, upsides down which has been a bug for sometime now and has not received any attention.

General Lee’s on 2 wheels again

I have mixed feelings on this. I don’t read enough of the game update notes to know if LoN is sharing a large bulk of the update but, I know I get System Message Spam what feels daily giving me updates on Tournaments, or reroll days. I can’t tell you a time when last time I read a System Message about an ingame event. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in EQ2 where the event was anything such as a EQ1 event.

EQ1 events were always fun. I remember a “make a and go to the Arena. Then they had everyone duke it out steel cage match style and the winner would win a title or get some funky item.

I digress. I guess I can see SOE’s thoughts where LoN may be the first (perhaps second if you want to count the Exchange Servers) baby steps to what they feel will be a CashCow of RMT’s. It seems like every MMO is wanting to try to capture the success of WoW and after all business in general are there to “Make Ends, Not Friends” And make no mistake that MMO’s are definitely business first.

I went to some kind of management seminar once and I can’t remember the book this guy quoted. But he said that you have to decide on what you feel makes you successful and then make sure the ladder your climbing is up against the right wall. What I’m saying here is Popular is different than Good, and they both are different than financially successful. It makes you wonder where gaming companies put their ladder because one ladder cannot be on 3 different walls.

I’m just organizing thoughts here. I’m not sure if there is a point to this rambling (I don’t think there is) but, if there was I’d say it would have to do about Priorities. I’ve got this successful MMO. I’ve added this card game. Where’s my priorities lie. What would you say the percentage should be split? 50-50? 85-15?

I say base it on the percentage of players that actively play the game. Between my guild and our alliance guild, I’d say we have roughly 40-60 active players of various levels (honestly that number may be a bit high). Between our 2 guilds as far as I know no one actively plays LoN. I tried, I couldn’t figure it out, I got over it. (quick note. Out of those freakin booster packs I got 0 loot cards, my wife got 4. I’m pretty sure someone at SOE likes her better) I’m not saying no one plays the game, I’m just saying no one I know of. So let’s say that 5% of EQ2 players play LoN. No more that 5% of the updates that happens in game should be geared towards LoN. I’ll even take it a step further, no more that 5% of live events should involve LoN. Huh…huh…put that in your bonnet. I’m not even saying they have to be like a holiday or seasonal event that involves downloading a big huge Live Update. I’m talking about the strip down naked and run through a ridiculous zone and whoever is first wins the title “Streaker”. Or gets some unique illusion form. I dunno…get’s a pat on the back and a $5 coupon to chic-fil-a. Just something jeez.

Anyways 45 minutes later the server comes back up. We roll through the zone. Every chest that dropped after the server came back was Ornate or Exquisite. I ended up getting like 4 usable drops *VERY NICE!*. I got a sweet sword that proc’s hate w000t!! Ended up in bed around 1. YIKES. Work yesterday was …uh…fun.


3 Responses to “An Organization of Thoughts”

  1. LoN players pay their monthly fee AND pay extra for cards. A LoN player is therefore more valuable than a non-LoN player.

    This is the downside of corporate-approved RMT. Suddenly, all players are NOT created equal.

    — Tipa @ West Karana

  2. Openedge1 Says:

    Also of note…somehow the market cost of the cards in the real game have gone down tremendously, so their worth is zero..
    i.e: A starter deck was at least worth a plat…now just 20 gold..
    Why does this matter? The flood of cards at lower prices smells fishy, and maybe a way to addict us to the card game even more..

    As to the downtime..I am upset over the fact of a log running discussion in the forums about an issue with certain video cards and poor performance…when they should be running EQ2 like WoW (i.e: FAST and SMOOTH)
    It was heated, and we were excited…but it has since gone to the wayside…and we are back to updates for LoN…

  3. Crookshankz Says:

    I agree with you both. I don’t know if you guys read this Smedley interview where it’s stated 25% of the subscription base is paying customer of LoN and the average paying customer of LoN spends average of $133 a month. Needless to say that this is a few more dollars than I spend monthly.

    OpenEdge makes a great point that while LoN updates are coming through there are still plenty of performace complaints.

    In the end their rush to make money is just going to drive more people to other games, and then they’ll be wondering why their customers are moving to other MMO’s.

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