My Night in Norrath

Last night was a rather short but eventful night of gaming for EQ2. I had the wife help me with my last update for part 5 of my epic weapon. Just killing a few things in Neriak, City of Lag. Actually, my lag in the zone was a lot less than any other time I’ve went in the zone. Which was a good thing considering the mobs we had to kill.

I left my Neriak updates on part 5 for last due to part 6 being in Neriak as well. So once I finished part 5 I was a hop, skip and a jump away from finishing part 6. BAM Done! All in all here was maybe 30 minutes top. Logged out for dinner.

Reviewing all the steps in my Epic Weapon Quest I think I’m lucking out as far as difficulty. My issue is going to be more of going through easier zones to get to harder mobs and finding a group that’ll actually want to go in with me. I’ll need decent groups to kill my 85^^^ mobs but, they’ll need to go through zones with 72-74 lvl mobs. Just enough to be a PITA.

After we put our son to bed the wife and I hopped on our dirge and fury. She was just wanting to get new armor that was mailed to her while she was away this weekend. However, Bloodtalon happened to be up and we were wanting to finish up the Dwarven Work Boots HQ. BT went down, we got all the rest of our updates fairly quickly and then camped after we did our turn in where you have to wait for a while. So when we log in tonight we’ll just have to grab the boots to do our final turn in. W00t, one HQ down.

On a side note, all this time loving the graphics of Lineage 2, trying the game made me decide it wasn’t for me in less than 3 levels. Eve, which also has great graphics and I think could be a real fun game just left me confused and uncertain as what I should be doing. I gave up on it as well. Last night I decided to give D&DO a shot again. I had GREAT EXPECTATIONS for the game when it was release but, those expectations were shot down when I tried the open beta. I thought to be fair I should give the game another shot after it’s been out for a while. We’ll see how it goes.


2 Responses to “My Night in Norrath”

  1. Openedge1 Says:

    Good luck with DDO
    I for one after getting ganked so much in Lineage 2 and the small selection of class and races…just couldn’t do it..
    As for DDO…it sure was extremely better than LOTRO (a borefest)…but, it did not have much to keep me..
    My hopes are they can move this into an open world setting instead of starting in the city and doing the boring dungeons…but hey it is called “DUNGEONS” and Dragons…
    At least the semi realtime combat is semi fun..
    Good luck

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    Ya, I really doubt that D&DO will lure me away from EQ2. It’s just fun to tinker around with other things here and there.

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