Small Favor

I usually don’t mix my gaming blog with any other type of blog. But every now and then I see something that excites/bugs me so much I’ve got to go shout it from the mountain top. Typically the more I tell people about this the more blank expressions or dumb stares I get because, the things that excite me don’t seem to excite anyone else. So needless to say, prepare your blank expression or your dumb stare.

And I guess this is sad with so much going on in the world, (Brittany Spears, Marine’s throwing puppies from cliffs, ect) that a book is coming out that I”m really looking forward to, and it’s not even Harry Potter. It’s actually that other Harry wizard, Harry Dresden. It look’s like, what I think is the 10th book Small Favor in the Dresden Files is due out on April 1st. W00T!

I can see where people may snub the books. I’ve watched a few episodes of the TV version of Dresden which can’t even compare with the books. I’ve even read some of the Codex Alera books also written by Jim Butcher which I felt had potential but never quite came up to meet them (maybe the newer books are better?)

I read the first 9 books of The Dresden Files last year and was blown away. It’s kind of a Jim Rockford (if your old enough to remember that show) turns wizard kind of story. It’s not the type of book where you read it and feel like your a better person. But, there are tons of action, nice twists and events that you don’t see coming. Great light, quick read. If you get some free time you should pick up the first book Storm Front and check it out!

I guess I can relate it to gaming by saying, I won’t be gaming from April 1st – 3rd.


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