SOE almost made me a Hypocrite

If you read my posts, I recently had a complaint on SOE’s LoN Card game. I don’t feel it was a huge complaint, more of a grumble really. Just stating that there seems to be many a update for the game vs. amount of actual EQ2 updates for bugs. Not even going to link the rant…but you can probably scroll down or find it if you really want to read it. But it was basically blah blah blah…no one plays the game…blah blah blah.

I got it off my chest and forgot about it. While I was in Enchanted Lands the other night I see…

OMG that’s UBER KEWL. You have to admit it. My wife and I had a quick…where’d she get that…you ask…no you ask. After a quick paper rock sissors game my wife asked. Short story shorter…she purchased 65 bucks worth of booster packs. Didn’t open any of them but traded them away to peice together the outfit.

This led my wife and I to a rather lengthy discussion on whether $65 bucks would be worth it and how much money would we be willing to spend on a Armored Worg. Eventually, we decided that our $60 a month donation to SOE was all the money we could really afford and if I want an Armored Worg, I’ll have to earn it the old fashion way.


One Response to “SOE almost made me a Hypocrite”

  1. Openedge1 Says:

    I always wonder how hardcore I am about ANY MMO

    When two of our guildies decided they liked us (and our server) so much..they transferred two characters over..
    At 50 a pop..I am just confused of how people would do this…
    And now with LoN, this need to spend more comes into play…

    When do you draw the line?

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