Weekend updates 8)

Gaming has been super fun lately in EQ2. The wife and I have decided to put our 74 Conj/Fury combo on the back burners for a bit. The quest grind has just been painful to say the least. I am thinking that since we just finished it with our mains, jumping right back into the RoK quests is just making our hair fall out. So we’re taking a break from them.

We’ve been working out our Dirge (the wife) Fury (me) combo and all I can say is wow. As what I assume is with all altoholics, I sooooo enjoy fast dinging. I never thought I’d say that I’m leveling too fast however, I almost feel like I’m leveling too fast. Looking back on my blog it looks like Feb. 27th we were level 30. After going on a HQ rampage (we’ve completed DWB, SBR, and Hadden’s) which is still continueing (working on Stilleto’s and Tarby) I fear that before we finish up an Axe from the Past may be grey. YIKES!!!

Oakhart sailing
Our good friend Mortes, may be joining us with her 33 Monk and which we’re mentoring down to now. Hopefully, that’ll give us a few more levels to complete these. I guess it’s just going to depend on how many Giants we have to kill for everyone to learn the language. I got a tip last night that it’s easier to finish the Giant language off the Nek Forest giants than it is the TS Giants so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

I got my carpenter up to level 35. Carpenter’s are definately a grindfest at least at these lower levels. Hopefully when I get higher I’ll get more recipes per level. I have found though that the grind is much easier if your trying to decorate an apartment. My carpenter went from 30-35 with a nice combination of makeing 1 of everything, 1 or 2 TS writs and then crafting things for Oak’s apt. Which is nice not only for the levels I gained but, also I have a decent looking apartment for my toon.

I heard my guildies chatting about some of the updates in game. As I am a creature of habit I haven’t noticed this. I really should start reading game update notes.
There are now more amenities available in East, North and South Freeport, including bankers, menders, and mariner’s bells to summon transportation in and out. Similar amenities are now also available in North and South Qeynos. The Ironforge Exchange of Qeynos has also taken advantage of the confusion to acquire the struggling business of Fhara’s Furnishings in North Qeynos, and has refurbished this building to be their new headquarters.


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