Last Night…

…one of our good friends we game with wanted to break out her lowbie healer. Was a great oppertunity for the wife and I to break out our Guardian and Warlock. Another friend broke out his assasin and off we went.
Lion Face! RAAAH! Lemon Face! EWWWW!
Apparently, someone called Stormhold and told them we were coming. Every single named was hiding in fear. Eventually, Guard Captain Hess poked out his nose and we immediately cut it off.
One of our friends had to camp. So the remaining 3 hopped over to even lower lowbies. By the way meet my new Warden and my wife’s Brigand. Our friend is on an SK.

There should be a funny caption here but, I can’t think of one!

We helped get him up (IN LEVEL MORTES, IN LEVEL!!). We were 7 and he was 1. We got him caught up and then it was time for bed. I did feel kind of empty and sad inside because I dinged not. Of course, I am off for the next two days so I’ll make up for it then 8)

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