Friday’s events

You know what’s better than leveling twice and completing 3 hq’s all in one day? Doing it with your favorite people in Norrath. 🙂

Gnome snuck into the Wood Elf convention

Yesterday, I had a fairly productive day in Norrath. (I can’t say the same thing about the real world). I harvested while I waited for the wife to log in, in the morning. Once she logged in, we had to do the access quest to Cove of Decay. Didn’t take too long at all. Mostly just running around. Once that was done we had some guildies come help us and took out Octogorgon and that Epic Skellie that hides in there.

That finished the Axe from the Past HQ and started us with Stilleto’s Orders HQ. A quick jaunt in RoV, bada-bing craft a bag, boom, kill Varsoon. CAKE!!!

We camped for a bit, then meet up with this gobbie in EL. Evil Eye bag was done!


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