Oakhart’s Apt

For some reason I’m feeling the necessity to post some pic’s of my druid’s apartment. Everything in the apartment has either been made by my carpenter (level 35) or has been quested. I think it looks pretty good but I do need to make some bar seats.


2 Responses to “Oakhart’s Apt”

  1. Openedge1 Says:

    Nice place…I sometimes go in and decorate my little hovel…
    Then I get distracted by all those darn quests, HQ’s writs and status, and levels, and shinies, and, and, and…..

    Too much to do
    ((Did I mention dieties?))

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    I dig it the most. I’m the same way. Sometimes though I don’t feel like the grind or the quests and I’d craft but I need to harvest first and that’s just boring. Then I’ll work on decorating.

    Plus, I’m leveling my carpenter and the grind isn’t so bad if I’m actually trying to set up an apartment.

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