Expansion Speculation

I’ve been hearing and reading alot of speculation lately on what the new EQ2 expansion is going to be. Seems that quite a few people are thinking it’s going to be based on Velious. I thought I’d take a look and see what that expansion had to offer from EQ1 days.

This is all from Wikipedia. You view the page here.

The expansion takes place on the continent of Velious, an icy continent towards the south of Norrath. The title refers to three chasms in Velious that are said to be the place where the great dragon Veeshan struck the continent with her claws. One of these claw marks is believed to be in a zone known as The Great Divide, an area where the Coldain have established their home in the mountain side.

The expansion introduced both frost giants and Coldain dwarves to the EverQuest universe, as well as a sect of dragons known as the Claws of Veeshan. These three groups are perpetually at war with one another.

The expansion is also notable for introducing the Sleeper’s Tomb zone, a locked zone that players could unlock with a key from a quest, and vanquish the four dragons that guarded The Sleeper, a very powerful beast that should never be unleashed. The first players completing this zone led to the first world changing event, where The Sleeper would awaken and rampage his way through Norrath. This however also led to some controversies as the zone itself would change and some items that used to be available before the awakening would no longer be present.

Scars of Velious also reintroduced Ethereal Planes such as the Plane of Growth, home of Tunare (goddess of nature) and the Plane of Mischief. Those planes, just like the original Planes (Hate, Fear and Sky) required players to have reached the level of 46 in order to enter. Plane of Growth also reintroduced the notion of Planar armor, providing a full set for each class.

Then it proceeds to list the zones. There are a few Planes, Great Divide, Sleeper’s Tomb, and Velketor’s Labyrinth to name a few. Honestly, I never spent alot of time in those zones. Great Divide, Velks and Siren’s grotto I remember but, the other zones listed escape me. I remember reading up on quests in Skyshrine but, I cannot remember if I ever went.

I can’t seem to find what Expansion Guk came out, so I’m thinking it was an original zone. So the recent Lore SOE issued out wouldn’t necessarily give us a good tip. Or perhaps LDoN, which Deeper Guk came into play.

Personally, if the next EQ2 expansion is based off an EQ1 expansion I’ve got fingers crossed for Shadows of Luclin. Not only did it introduce Vah Shir (which we really don’t need more kitty people) but, it most importantly gave us BEASTLORDS!!! I’m working on a future post where I’ll touch more on hoping for a new class.

Also, this expansion had many of my favorite EQ1 zones. Echo Caverns, Fungus Grove, Hollowshade Moor, Netherbian Lair, Shadeweaver’s Thicket, Shadow Haven, Umbral Plains and that’s just naming a few. And I’ve just got to say Paludal Caverns was probably my favorite zone ever. I’d make a toon, run it through PC and when the zone stopped conning I’d delete the toon and remake it so I could run it through again. Same with Netherbian Lair, what great zones those were. *crosses fingers now*

We’ll see whats instore for us. I’m sure we’ll start getting teased soon.


2 Responses to “Expansion Speculation”

  1. Guk was a part of the original EQ, yep. And it’s NOT in EQ2 — not yet, anyway. The forces of Zek pretty much cleaned the place out before they started on their rampage toward Freeport, where the forces of Quellious, Cazic-Thule and (I believe) Karana met and defeated them, after which, Lucan took all the credit.

    It was probably destroyed when Luclin blowed up.

    Luclin, of course, isn’t very similar to how it was in EQ1. There, it was an invisible, ringed moon. Here in EQ2, it’s blown apart. So were we to return, it would be a far different place, with wild magic bouncing all over, perhaps the hidden entrance to the Demiplane of Shadow laid bare? Though the demiplanes were reabsorbed into their parent planes as part of the … gah I forget what they called that process. But still, might happen.

    I’d love to see a beastlord there. A Halfling beastlord with a bixie warder was one of my all-time most wanted things from EQ1.

    — Tipa @ West Karana

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    I really hope at some point they reintroduce Luclin. It would take some imagination and creativity but I think it would be possible to come up with a reason why a cracked moon has some life on it.

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