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Tipa has made a few guesses about what the next expansion in EQ2 is going to be. She also inspired me to write some speculation of my own. So, I was thinking it would be fun if the EQ2 bloggers come up with a wish list for what the new expansion has to offer. I’m sure alot of it has already been decided but it’s always fun to speculate and besides who knows right.

Here’s a few things that I’d like to in the upcoming expansion (I’ll accept live updates though):

New class. I think that we’ve had quite a few new playable races (more than I have slots for) but, seeing a new class come into game play could be fun. Of course, I’d hold out for the reintroduction of Beastlord’s but, anything new would be appreciated.

New Tradeskill. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have decided that I’d really like to see a Botonist in game. More plants in game would sure make some happy wood elves. Besides that would just make your apartment look even nicer.

Truely Sharable Bank. One of the annoyances I have is transporting things from the Good side to the Evil side and vise versa. My options are mail with a 30 minute delay, guild bank as long as no one else snags it out of it or asking my wife or someone else I know to move it for me while I log in the proper toon. I think there should be a Non-partisan bank perhaps outside of the city where I can have at least 1 slot that is shared between all my toons. Perhaps in Thundering Steppes or Nek Forest where for a few silver I can get there fairly quickly. Maybe I have to pay a bit of silver or gold for the service. It would be just nice to have.

More diverse equiptment graphics. I really like the direction they were heading with RoK as far as their armor and weapon graphics. I’d like to see that continue and maybe transend down to the lower levels. I always think it’s funny that I’m getting drops I’m also a believer that a fantasy game should equal fantasy armor. By that I’m not meaning skimpy or slutty. I just mean that not all casters should have to have robes and if an I have a magically imbued chainmail shirt, it could have a magical look to it. Or it shouldn’t have to cover the whole area it was intended to. Ok so maybe alittle skin but definately not inappropriate.

Old World Equiptment upgrades. Timerous Deep is a great zone for a newbie area and the items that you get there are fantastic. It is also safe to say if you start a new toon in any other zone, that toon is fairly gimped. At least the last time I finished my AQ which starts at level 20 and can take you to level 27, is statistically worse than the armor you leave TD with.

More 70-80 zones. I feel fairly confident that the expansion will include this. The RoK quests are fantastic but, I’m having difficulty with the replay value. I toon 1 toon from 70-80. Started the same trek on my next toon and stopped at 74. It’s just alot alot alot of questing. And they’re the same quests. Yikes.

I’m adding this on for one of my guild mates Playable Othmirs. I’m not sure if she played EQ1 when they made everyone an Othmir for the day and she fell in love with it or she just thinks they’re cute and cuddley.


5 Responses to “Wish List”

  1. Well, one danger in making a wish-list is disappointment. I don’t think players have any particular influence in the design of new expansions. From what I understand, at the recent community summit, they didn’t even tell them anything at all about it.

    New class. Well, they have twenty-four classes already. Maybe if they got RID of a few, they could add some. For instance, get rid of the neutral classes — replace guardian/berserker with just warrior; troub/dirge with just bard; fury/warden with just druid; wizard/warlock with just wizard. Then they’d have room for more classes.

    A new tradeskill would be interesting. They have added transmuting and tinkering, so it’s something they already consider. Maybe building construction, for individual player homes and guild halls? And, of course, zones in the new expansion in which to build them.

    I agree about the bank. Since they combined the brokers, there’s little reason not to do the same with the banks. If the new expansion IS Luclin, it would make sense to have common banks there, since they are literally “above it all”. EQ1 didn’t care about the alignment of your character with regards to the shared bank slots.

    Playable Othmir? Yeah, I was turned into an Othmir, in fact, me (as a druid) in Othmir form is one of the rotating banner images on my blog. I guess if the next expansion is Velious… but I’d rather be able to play a drake, and fly!

    — Tipa @ West Karana

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    By all means, I don’t think I influence anyone at all and don’t plan to hold my breath. Just out to have fun 🙂

    One could argue there are only 12 classes each with good/evil counter counter-classes. I know my wood elf only has x amount of choices vs. my dark elf.

    Individual housing and guild halls would be awesome though.

    And what would you name a drake if you made one?

  3. I’d name it Yar’lir, of course!

    Nothing if not ambitious!

  4. Crookshankz Says:

    let me restate a prior comment i was completely wrong on…some could argue there are 16 classes. I blame work for the mistake…or solar flares 🙂

  5. Openedge1 Says:

    I keep hearing about the Beastlords from all the people in my guild who are EQ1 alumni (I swear I must be the only newb,,,hehe)…I would assume they would be the way to go, and maybe bring in even more old EQ1 players (since SOE seems to be on a nostalgia kick)

    As for shared bank…please at LEAST let me access my gold and plat…I can see everything but that? Ridiculous isn’t it?

    Anything else though would just be extra sugary icing on my sugar cake of EQ2 love…

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