Nightly Grind

First off, let me say last night I got some totally cool screenshots. They were awesome. Unfortunately, I didn’t have to resize and upload them, thus your not going to be able to view them right away. Sorry about that. Stupid real life got in the way. Things like bed, and work in the morning. I know, I know, I’m not happy about it either.

After some of yesterday’s blogs, I felt the need to check out old world Norrath and began to update my EQ1. First off I do need to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY EVERQUEST!!! There are times when I miss you alot.

I was also disgruntled a tad from a post that my wife found, I need to get the link from her so I can share it. Basically, it stated that the EQ1 calender caught up to the EQ2 calender when EQ2 first launched. Ummm Norrath didn’t turn out quite as expected I guess. Someone must have went back to the past and prevented that attack on the Nexus and Luclin never split in two. I bet it happened alot like the movie Twelve Monkeys.

So back to logging into EQ1. My wife and I had a goal to hit Paludal Cavern as it was always our favorite zone. We couldn’t remember the level for it but knew it was fairly low. Our toons sit on the Cazic Thule server so we popped on there and found we had a pair of fairly twinked out level 6 dwarfs that we were hoping would work.

We left the Mines of Gloomingdeep and hit the Plane of Knowledge. I almost shed a tear when I did a / to find that there were 30 players there. I was wondering if they had to call Mass Group Buffs something different cause they were lacking the Mass Part. I was looking for the /ooc ALMOST A GROUP BUFF IN FRONT OF MAIN BANK IN 15 MIN!! However, I didn’t see any channel chatter going on at all.

I’m proud to say, between the wife and I we remembered how to get to PC. We hit the Nexus, other than my wife and I there were 0 players there. Shadow Haven, 0 players. Again, proud we remembered to Soul Bind there :-). Hit PC, 0 players. Due to disappointment my wife and I had to cuddle to make ourselves feel better. Such a sad moment. We decided to venture further in. Everything conned red to us so, at that point we just camped out. I feared we wouldn’t experience anything other than disappointment if we continued to search this truely massive, but empty world. Besides, even if we did find players in the higher levels, I’m pretty sure I don’t remember how to play my higher level toons anymore.

We log in Oakhart and Attia our Fury and Dirge. We had them stratigically camped in Steamfont so we could start questing in there to take us quickly from level 39-45. Once we logged in though, my guild chat was talking about the Avatar of Below or whatever that guy’s name and the wife and I were off to get beer’s mounted to our head. It will be good once the people of Norrath invent Football.

Was a fun quest, that much traveling for 1 quest is kind of stinky and is very time consuming however, fury’s having that built in port made things much more managable. Unfortunately, once that was done it was well past my bed time. Level 40 will have to wait prolly till Thursday. Considering we haven’t touched any SF or Zek quests we should be able to fly a few levels. I’m looking forward to it.


2 Responses to “Nightly Grind”

  1. Openedge1 Says:

    A suggestion. I use Picasa for all of my photo’s
    If you download the program, it will take all your screenies, keep them organized, and then have instant upload to the Picasa website, with 1 gig of storage (and will automatically resize them for you on upload)
    All in one fell swoop…

    Check it out…

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve got Picasa sitting on my puter at home. I didn’t think about using it for screenshots.

    I just need to get off my butt and set up my server. I got one sitting here in the NOC just collecting dust 😦

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