Oakhart Pic’s

I’ve been kind of excited about playing my Fury lately and he’s been leveling like crazy! Have I mentioned how nice it is to go back to quick dings. My wife and I kept playing off and on yesterday with no real heavy leveling work and I went up 3 levels. Today I accidentally dinged 43. Wooooops!! So I thought I’d throw up a few pics of my druid.

Here’s Oak with the Avatar of below. My wife’s dirge is also in the back ground. Really the biggest dwarf I’ve ever seen and I bet people made fun of him in school. Giving him nicknames like TooTall Avatar and things like that.

Here Oak is getting ready to go to a tail gate party. TooTall Avatar is again behind me debating whether or not he should drink the booze on my head. Obviously, I intimidate him and he runs away.

Apparently, druids are suppose to wear designer clothing. I have no idea who made this up but, I don’t think they knew that druids were suppose to be more woodsy, natural and less yuppie. I really can’t wait for them to remake the wisdom leather gear. So far only I only thought one of the armor set’s looked alright. This chest piece by far has been the worse and I can’t wait to hit the next armor tier.

Having said that, my druid is wearing the STR, AGI, STA handcrafted set. I feel kind of like a smurf but at least I’m not a yuppie smurf. You can see my little water deity pet. I took Karana for his diety, and am turning him into a battle druid. So far he’s kicking much butt. His spells take alittle bit to cast but man they hit hard. As for the pet, I keep having a hard time deciding on a name for him. I first went with Hale, but the wife and I couldn’t agree if it was Hale, or Hail and I’m just way to lazy to dictionary it. Then I went with Sleet, but that sounds lame. For right now his name is SlighlyHumid until I can come up with something better.


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