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Bear with me here. Instead of having a bunch of different posts I’m just going to combine a few different topics.

The last bit of lore from Guk is up on EQ2Players. It has an intresting mob in it that makes me wonder what it is and if I should already know it. The description of it goes as follows:

…what was before him was unlike nothing he had seen. It had no eyes, only an expanse of black skin and long, lashing tentacles.

And describes the creature giving off a wail.

…immediately he was struck by a single cry so sharp that he did indeed drop all he was holding into the swamp.

It sounds familiar but, for the life of me I can’t think of what that could be.


17 days now and counting untill I get my 3 year vet’s reward. I can’t wait. I’m just wanting that stupid 10% broker box so I can become one of the people I currently despise when I’m pricing my stuff up on the vendor.


Hopefully tonight I will have my Jeweler, Tailor and Sage completely out of the 40’s and starting the 50’s. I’m trying hard to keep their crafting levels higher than my fury. It’ll be nice not to have to buy spells, jewelry or armor for a change. Even if I can just do it up untill they hit 70. It’ll be a huge savings.

I’m having a very hard time keeping money in game. Crafting is seeming much more like a money pit than anything. I really need to research a bit more and pay attention to what is selling and make more of it. I’m sure there’s got to be a more proven way to make faster money. I just have to find it out.

I use to go with selling collection items. Taking a higher level toon into a lower level dungeon and just harvest shinies. Seems lately though, that the prices of shinies have dropped and the one’s I do have that sell for good money just seems to sit there untill it’s no longer worth what you’d consider good money. Of course it never helps when you’ve got an item selling for a plat and then some gooberhead comes along and sets up the same item for 5g.

So, I’m thinking crafting has to be a solid way as long as I start doing it smarter. Harvest everything I can and don’t purchase rares. The 40’s fuel cost 30g per stack (I shutter to think the cost of 50’s fuel). I need to figure out what is going to give me the best return and make that. Harvesting my 40’s material (for the most part) gave me a decent amount of rares. After making Oakhart’s gear I had 10 extra leather rares. Those all got made into armor and were put up on the broker last night. Of course, none were prices for more than 35g but that should still be a decent return. Most of my other rares were ate up in outfitting Oak and Attia.

We’ll see how it all goes. If I can figure out a decent way of making money I’ll let everyone know. I’m about to hit EQ2 Traders and figure up some costs with materials and figure out my ROI. I’m thinking the tailor is going to be the main money maker with my jeweler close behind. We’ll see though.


While harvesting/crafting last night I listened to 2 different podcasts. The official SOE podcast was the first. It was hmmmm ok, I guess. There were a few times my dork meter went through the roof on some of the “I wish it was comedy” bits. Not too much information was given, in all I’d have to give it a C-

I also listened to Shut Up We’re Talking. That was a really good podcast. Alot of intellectual disscussion on the gaming world. The humor was genuine which was appreciated after listening to SOE. I was amazed at how much that group knew about gaming. They made me feel less geeky for not knowing that much gaming trivia but, at the same time more geeky for listening to it :-). I’m going to have to listen to an older episode to see if they are all that good. I give SUWT an A-. Out of the handfull of Gaming podcasts I’ve listened to this so far was my favorite.

P.S. Out of the other non-official gaming podcasts I’ve listened too I appreciated the lack of profanity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude and don’t mind the F bomb being dropped. But, unless your Eddie Murphy, it just doesn’t play off that well. It’s also nice to have a podcast that I could let my family listen too.


3 Responses to “Free Flowing Blogging”

  1. UWT did you listen to? You linked to a really old one πŸ˜›

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    doh…not sure of the exact episode but the topics discussed were… What game would you unmake. Beating W0W will cost 1 jillion dollars. And you guys mentioned the EQ2Flames dealy And you were in it πŸ˜› And the GrumpyGamer

  3. Crookshankz Says:

    fixed the link and it was episode 22 I believe

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