Ukulele: Not Just for Luau’s Anymore

James Hill playing Mario Bros.

Someone on Gax last night posted someone playing Legend of Zelda on an organ. It reminded me of the two video’s I have posted here of people playing the ukulele.

I don’t hide the fact that I’m a big fan of the ukulele. Last night one of the site’s I frequent had an Open Mic night in a video chat room. Started around 10PM EST and went till shortly after midnight.

It was a great time. Some of my favorite youtube and forum people performed from around the world.

Roughly 80 people watched and I’m guessing 15 people performed a diverse set of songs. Everything from a cover of Word up by Seeso to the theme song of Reading Rainbow.

At first, I was trying to play my EQ2 and just listen to it at the same time. I’d say it took untill the 3rd performer and I had to put the gaming down and focus on the virtual stage.

I live in Florida, where I think I feel fairly alone in the world of ukulele and it was great to have a place to come together. Discussion was lively, the performers were excellent. I’ve been excited about it since it took place and it’s just one of those things you want to share thus the posting.

Aldrine Guerrero playing Legend of Zelda melody


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