What is this?

So, as the wife is out of town again I thought I’d try to log into the Test Server. I read a post somewhere by one of the dev’s asking what it would take to get people to make characters and play there regularly.

I got time at the moment and I really don’t feel like tradeskilling so I thought ‘What the Hay?’ Found my test server icon. It pulls up the updater and starts by giving me a 35 hour time for downloading. I know that time would drop dramatically but even if it’s 4 hours, I don’t have time for it tonight.

So I promptly turn off the updater and log back onto my regular server. Hmmm it’s updating. But, it says I’ve only got a 1.7 gig download….1.7 gig? WTF is that?

Then I get this….

Thats right I downloaded 2.2 gigs of a 1.7 gig download. This goes past 4.8 gigs when I started posting this. And then it started over? WTF is going on here? Now it’s on it’s 3rd loop. UGH!

UPDATE: Had to restart the computer and it finally stopped looping. Pain but a simple enough fix.


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