I took off a few nights of gaming. It does make me wonder what it means when you need a sanity days away from your video game?

In EQ2 my wife and I did mostly disco run’s. At level 44 we haven’t been to Zek yet. So we did a run through there. While there we decided to grab and do the Training as a Shield HQ. We had one of our friends with us and got up to the 6th Trial. At that time she had to disband. Apparently she turns ito a pumpkin shortly after 10pm. Which was fine by us cause we weren’t wanting to play to late either. My wife and I hit Isle of Mara for more free disco and then Baron Sky. Island hopping got Oakhart to 45 and has me 2 AA points from my second title which will be UberCool “Stormcaller”

I believe we’re about to hit another string of HQ’s starting with Training is a Shield, Stien of Moggok, By Hook or By, Eye for Power and Teachings of Yoru. Throw in Journey is Half the Fun and we should have a good chunk of Status. Not that we ever do anything with our Status Points, really or the items for that matter. The rewards seem fairly gimpy since RoK, or is that just me?

You throw in the mix of doing our carpet quest and we should hit level 55 before I can blink.

And then I blinked, and I’m checking out my Fury’s next armor set and…well…I don’t think that Purple really brings out the color of his eyes like it should. Who here is with me when I say it’s hard to be a bad arse in purple? Again, I get a designer logo all big and pretty on my big purple cloth looking chest piece. I’ve never really thought of being big on Designer. I’m starting to think that the Dev’s are trying to say something about Druids lacking in the testosterone department. So let me get this straight, I get a cute little designer outfit and a froofroo little wreathe for my hoo’loh hat. Is that right? Why not just force my poor Oak to emote with a lisp and wear a pink bow on the end of his sword.

Whats going on in this Norrath gone wrong?!?!!? How bout some tough looking Druid armor. Not looking for stats, just something when I think hippy tree hugging druid friends to animals here’s his armor. Maybe it’s a Greatful Dead t-shirt, I’m not sure. Maybe it gives an appearance of a robe covered in vines with some lightening bolts or how about gear that’s based on animals like what we have for mystics. Who wouldn’t want to wear a bear on your head. I’d name mine Toby. I’m thinking woodsy colors, brown, green, sky blue even. Purple should be left out unless your making some gear with some funky mushrooms on it. At that point purple is allowed. Until then though xnay on the urplepay.

I guess what I’m saying is togetherness is all I’m after. And a little more masucline looking gear. I’ve got that right, right? ACK Grimwell says I’ve got no rights. I just have the right to cancel my subscription. Thats the only right I have. I’m back in school man! Rights, I have the right to pay them money, they have the responsiblity to see that I enjoy the game and have ugly armor. I have the right to play the game. They have the responsiblity to not offer me a “Beastlord Option.” I have to right to enjoy playing the game anyway. They have to reponsiblity not to muck it up. I have to right to stop paying them if they do muck it up.

All other rights are just illusions. But, I say Illusionists are fun to play and craft. They get a twin which can be fun. After they hit level 50 on crafting though it costs 46g for a stack of fuel which lasts about 3/4 a level. Good luck on affording that when you have 3 crafters in the 50’s and just finished paying for level 80 upgrades on your main.

Now who’s talking crazy. Hey hey hey. Did you know a satisfied customer will tell one or two people. And a dissatisfied customer will tell like 20 people and a whole internet forum and allow peoples private info to be published publicly? Perhaps exercising their right is in order or even SOE exercising their rights would be in order.

All you gets are stories of corruptions, cheating and wild orgies. Apparently, corruption is running rampant, it’s even in the bathroom. And we all know how much that stinks up the place. It makes me want to write a letter. It would go…

Dear Corrupt SOE Employees,

I understand you that you are feeling disgruntled and I sympathize. To protest “The Man” and increase your corruptablility feel free to give any of my toons xtra plat. I think 4 digits in the plat slot of my bank will be sufficient to show your anger. Any of my toons, 4 digits = Damn The Man. Any 4 digits you choose as long as they are greater than 0. It could be 1234 if you don’t feel like being creative. I’ll understand. I’ve got an Illusionist to level up his crafting and can’t be picky on the details. After you do that feel free to go about your corrupted business.

In exchange I can offer turning my head and looking the other way and possibly get my wife to cook for you her Lasagne or Mashed Potatoes. They are both quite yummy.


PS Do you think you could butch up Fury armor?

Cause heavan forbid some Dev tell someone how to finish up a quest or give out some strategies. It’s not like if they didn’t I wouldn’t just look them up on EQ2 Wikia or something like that. You know, no one could finish the freakin’ housing quest if the instructions weren’t spoon fed to them. What they have to realize is there is no spoon.

I wonder what game play is like on Matrix online. *Sigh* I gotta stop staying up so late.


2 Responses to “FINALLY SOME GAME TIME!”

  1. SweetPea Says:

    I love a stream of consciousness. They can be uberfun.

    And don’t knock the purple Fury armor…I think it matches your eyes beautifully 🙂

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    Do you realize how tough that is to write when you’ve taken 30 phone calls from start to finish? Sometimes I have skills 🙂

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