MMO Blues

I’m running into the MMO blues lately. I’m just not feeling “EQ2”. Spoke to my wife about it and she’s saying the same thing. Here’s my heavy gaming night.

I was out of town Wednesday night until late Saturday night. Saturday night, I log in and checked my vendors and chatted with one of my friends for a few minutes. Then logged out. Sunday, a guildie made Pullo a set of 77 MC gear (Looks awesome, must post screenshots). I leveled my Warden from 11 -13 and I gambled 20g on the Gibblegibber Goblin.

My wife gamed the 2 levels with me and then logged out, never to be heard from in-game again last night. Not sure whats going on there. She’s not feeling it, I’m not feeling it. I’ve got a few thoughts but, need to figure it out better.

Overall, I think we need to start logging in earlier as to catch playing with some of our favorite people again. Lately, by the time we log in they are logging out. It’s amazing how not having the right dynamic of people to talk to in game can ruin it for you.

I’d consider playing a differnt MMO all together but, not going to pay another monthly fee. Of couse, none of the games I’m seeing out there have been able to take me away from EQ2 on all their trials and none of the games that are saying they are going to be released this years even peaks my intrest (Yes that includes WARHammer and AoC). I do have SOE’s Station Pass but, I’ve played most of SOE’s other titles and the only one that semi-even peaks my intrest is Vanguard but it run’s like crap on my system. I would be sort of interested in trying Matrix Online but, I don’t think I’ve read one good review for it…ever.

Of course none of that would fix our community issue. So let me ask the handful of people who may come over and check out my blog. When your MMO has you feeling lonely and blue what do you do?


4 Responses to “MMO Blues”

  1. I play single player games until the MMO urge re-arises. That’s kinda where I am right now, actually. Mythos, Sins, and last night I was thinking of starting Dungeon Siege 2 again.

  2. Openedge1 Says:

    You know
    I think this is perfectly normal. We are in a lull…
    Spring is on the way
    Our hibernation time is ending, and the need to stay inside and game (and not freeze) is also coming to an end.
    I have been in EQ2 about 8 months now, and I like to break once in a while …I have a week off coming real soon as a matter of fact, and will be out of town…no laptop either.
    I strayed and tried Vanguard…but, it just did not have it. LOTRO was not for me..and WoW is just not on my radar anymore…
    So…just enjoy the time, watch TV,play a single player game a little each day..

    You will appreciate your online time again soon!

  3. Crookshankz Says:

    thanks for the thoughts guys! I’ve DL’ed the LotRO on the trial again last night. Will give that a shot when I get home. If that doesn’t get me over my lull, I’ll prolly hit board games for a while or maybe hunt a 1 player game again.

    Any suggestions for a good 1 player game for the pc?

  4. Single player? Oblivion, Sins of a Solar Empire, Portal 🙂

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