My Weak Review

I read the new Dresden Files book the other day. I promised someone I’d write a book review for it and as I sit here and stare at my blank Notepad, I realize that I don’t know exactly how to write a book review. Especially on a series.

Overall, the book, I thought was fantastic. It was just like what I expected it to be. Very actiony from the first chapter. There were alot of CHA-CHA-CHAAAAAHHHH moments. Some questions I wanted answered were. Other questions came up.

I ususally have an issue with books on how the reintroduce characters. I can see where writers could have an issue with that. It could be challenging where people who have read the series know these people, and the one’s picking it up for the first time may need to know Thomas is. That exchange, be it dialogue or not, I think is tough as a writer. To find a good blend that will fit both. I do think Butcher had a tough time here as a few lines came out alittle cheesy at least for someone who knows the world these characters come from.

I was happy that alot of older characters resurfaced and I got a chance to catch up with them. I won’t spoil the book with the who’s or the where’s.

Basically the book is all standard Harry. Harry’s in over his head and barely gets out. SURPRISE!!

If you have never read the wonders of Harry Dresden I highly recommend it. Small Favors is the 10th book in the series. Storm Front is the first. I know that the TV series had a decent following however, after reading the books I really was turned off by the TV show. I’m not sure if the writers or directors read the same books.

Hope that review is ok. It’s either that or I LOVE IT written 50 times.


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