I’m Not a Conjourer of Cheap Tricks!

Just to get this out of the way I promised to show off Pullo’s armor. I really like the look of it. I’m still undecided whether to loose some INT + Spell damage but gain MIT + WIS is worth it or not for that fashionable SK on the go. But, I do like the look so reguardless if I use it as my actual armor, it will be in my appearance slot.

All Hail the MIGHTY PULLO!

Don’t you just hate when you see your game is going to do a Live Update, you even see the date, but you don’t realize that day is that day…well yesterday in this case. Instead of logging in and updating for the new EQ2 LU and probably be disgusted at the cost of the new armored worg, I logged into my finally patched LotRO trial.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve been having some EQ2 blues lately. Just kind of bored in game, at least for the time being. To help my blues I thought I’d give the trial of LotRO another go. Really, I think this is my 3rd try on the trial since the game’s release.

So far here is my thoughts and a few screenshots. Setting up for the trial was simple enough. Go to their website, click on the trial, follow easy instructions. Sweet. Tten you have the option to download the regular 3.9gig client or the fancy schmancy 5.6 gig, HD version. Hey, sometimes I just feel all fancy, schmancy and I’ve got very stable, very respectable internet connection and I really like some HD. Let’s give that a shot.

I started downloading the trial roughly around 6:30 pm. It finished downloading around 11 p.m. For some reason, it installed very slowly on my system. At 11:30, it was still installing (my wife’s installed much faster). I ended up going to bed. Woke up, and before work I started patching. When I got home last night, it was all GTG.

All that being said, it does seem like a lot of download time for a trial. With that being said, I suppose, if I was to end up purchasing the game, I guess I’d be happy in the long run if I didn’t have to download anything extra. But it does seem like a long time for download and I think I technically ate 1 day of my 7 day free trial downloading the software.

SIDE NOTE: My son got his report card yesterday. 4th grade…1 B…the rest A’s…AND HE FINALLY GOT A S(thats good) IN STAYS ON TASK!!!! THATS MY BOY! So he wants to make a character on LotR. My wife, who is now wrapped up in Small Favors gladly let’s him use her computer.

I make a Lore-Seeker, the boy makes a Guardian and off we go. Second point, customization is kind of limited. If you play any kind of MMO’s you’ve ran into it before. Very EQ1ish. Your body is set, scroll the a limited amount of faces, eyes, hair, yada yada yada till you find the one you and a bunch of other people all like. And log in just to hope your twin isn’t in the newbie area. Personally, I don’t care for it too much and feel EQ2 does a better job on character customization.

I always enjoy a large selection of races to choose from but, I do understand, trying to follow the LotR books choices are somewhat limited. Only a total of 4 races to choose from. The lack of Dwarven women makes me nervous on the procreation method Tolkien gave the dwarves.

Fair amount of classes to choose from. I have mixed feelings on not all races being able to play all classes. On one hand I’m use to it from my days of EQ1, other hand it’s not very PC. Of course, I’ve never been one to worry about Political Correctness no matter how funny Bill Maher can be.

The boy and I made our way through the intro area and hit the first newbie zone. The game uses a familiar interface, my hot keys are alittle turned around from what I’m use to. Seeing which item slots I have filled I press K and click on the character tab (I believe) but, I kept expecting hitting I to show me that. Instead, it just opened all my bags.

The enviorment is beautifully rendered. It’s very much like stepping into a Thomas Kincade portrait.

My system is runnning it on a decent setting. I think it’s High? or Very High. I can’t remember right now. I was able to step it up and ran into minimum lag, but stepped it back down as I didn’t see a high jump in graphics vs. the lag it creatted. Dropped it back down.

I do feel like I’m having a issue with my sound. I throw out a spell and seems like I have a delay in the audio reaction. My wife thinks though that I’m just expecting the sound effect too soon. I’ll tinker with it to tell for sure.

My son and I did all our newbie quests except the last one to end Book One as it was his bed time. My wife wasn’t ready to put her book down, so I created a Champion.

He started in a different area. Basically, I got to the same point in the quest line until it was my bed time. I felt my Elven Lore-seeker ended up being better equipted than my Human Champion but, that may all be in my head.

One last thing that I enjoyed was how I felt I was fairly decently equipted by Level 5 on both toons and the change in my appearance by that level. I also think that the ability to hide items from view such as helm, shoulders, cape, shoes and gloves. I think that is a nice touch.

I’m still not sure about deeds a whole lot. It looks like it may be an ongoing quest line? I dunno. I’ll have to research it some. All in all, I had a great time trying the game out and all in all my experience has been favorable. Tonight is going to be a tough decsion to either check out the new LU in my precious EQ2 or view alittle more of Middle Earth.


2 Responses to “I’m Not a Conjourer of Cheap Tricks!”

  1. Openedge1 Says:

    I will help you

    LEAVE while you can!!!

    Go back to EQ2…you will not regret it
    (hides before Tipa reads this ..cause if she does I am in trouble…”I could not resist)

    I am sorry…but, I am an avid “anti-spokesman” for LOTRO
    The game is real fun until about level 30…then it turns into a long grind to level due to boring quests, boring crafting…and so many other issues…
    But, I digress…
    I hope you have fun…myself, I have tried to really like it, as I love Tolkien…but Turbine killed it for me..

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    I don’t plan to leave EQ2 at all. I know I’m just in a funk with it. And I don’t think I have to worry about lvl 30 grindage on the 5 days I have left of the trial. I’ll just enjoy it while I’m there.

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