Weekend Raid Attempts

I’m having such a hard time remembering exactly how things happened this weekend. I know I spent some time Wed and Thur in the LotR trial. Also, both those nights my wife and I with some guildies went through Death Fist Citadel on the hunt for Fyst. Wednesday night, we wandered around DFC for quite some time. It’s been so long since we had to kill Emperor Fyst no one could remember how to pop him. YIKES!

Thursday night we came out alittle more prepared and Fyst went down faster than a dress on prom nite!!! W00000t!! One more HQ down (Training is a Shield) and even though I’m not sure how many AA’s Oakhart has, I know I’m over 50. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Friday, I get my wife gets a phone call bright and early in the morning from a RL friend who games with us. Apparently, she has a level that is in dire need to be earned so, I get a wake up call and begin my morning with the killing Muahahahahaa. Our friend dinged 77.

Afterwards, my wife drove the long 4 hours to see her family, my stepson had his weekend with his dad and I had the house to myself. Very lonely-like.

I was making a guildie some jewelry and I found out our guild had formed a new alliance and we were going to have a raid in just a few moments. (Gotta love advanced notice) We have 2 alliance guilds now and with that enough 80’s to get a raid going. I guess instead of going through the progressions, everyone was wanting to hit Shard of Hate. So we all meet up in Nek forest. As with every raid I went on, 3 months after I get there we finally roll out. The raid I felt was way off balance. We had (roughly) 1.5 groups of tanks, 1.5 groups of healers, 1 group of dps and not a single one of them have read much on Shard of Hate. Ouch my head! Tipa at West Karana made me feel like a brain surgeon.

My headache went away after the first few mobs went down. The healers and the MT were doing such a good job that it didn’t even look like the MT was getting hit. It was nice be raiding, even if the group was out of balance. Was my first, since RoK went out. We took a right at the Y in the road and cleared out all the trash, happy we did too, that first named we crossed had a rough knock back. We got quite a few exquisite chests off the trash mobs + the first name (5 I believe). Seeing how the skellies kept repoping after we cleaned their clock we decided to loop and take the other side of the Y.

Things on that side went just as smooth. We bypassed that Master P mob that Tipa talked about and studied those skellies a bit. Instead of trying to kill them we timed it, and made a dash for the stair case. Pulled one but, our MT was on it and that blasted skellie was shattered and broken before it knew what hit him.

At the top of the stairs we ran into the 2nd teir 1 mob. A decent fight for us but, we took him down with less problems than the first named. At this point, we had very limited deaths. I believe the first named killed one of our Mezzers two or three times and that was about it. It was getting late but, the group decided to give Master P a try.

Roughly a minute later all 28 of us revived and decided to call it a night. ACK! 1 o’clock. I gotta be up in 5 short hours. With the wife not in the bed, I actually got to sleep sometime after 2:30.

I still managed to roll out of bed on time and pack up my computer to drag it into work (weekends they let us do that). I spent my day /claiming my 10% boxes and repricing my things (YEAAAAAAAA). I use multiple vendors so, it took some time. I took Oak out and caught his harvesting up and then took all those rares and crafted them up.

I couldn’t believe the amount of money I made off the lower level Master crafted Items and felt like a dork because I never thought of harvesting for lower tier materials to make money. Instead of always harvested current tier materials to try to level up. I’ve decided that after I make one of everything for that level, I’ll just craft lower tier items I harvest for my xp and for the money the bring in. The tailor seems to do the best, as it seems the easiest rare to get. Even though I’m only getting 20-50g per item, I’m getting 7+ rares in a reasonable amount of harvesting time so it works out very well.

That basically took all day. I pack up and go home.

As I was getting a group together for a quick City of Mist trip for an Epic update, the guild asks who’d be up for a raid in 2 hours (nothing like advanced notice). I jumped on that. CoM went very well. With 4 level 80’s I was able to clear out what I needed to and bam I have my update. Only 10 more to go *gulp*

Somewhere in the murk of CoM, I find out we have another raid. Today’s word is Communication. In perfect timing, we finished Com, had enough time to hit the mender and showed up at 8:50 for our 9:00 raid. So, we zone in to Protector’s Realm at roughly 10 and fought our first mob at 10:30. (Have I complained about my headache?) I guess it’s kind of difficult for me to describe the zone. The MT and a healer had to run off to our right and started a dialogue to receive shards. Apparently, all the mobs were non-aggro until then. One of the guy’s from our new alliance knew this zone fairly well, or at least it sounded that way.

The first room on our left had a named with 3 adds. After an Off tank mishap and the raid group reviving. The first Named went down. My headache went away half way threw the second named. Everything went very smooth. The raid was much more balanced this go around. We had at this point someone join the raid, and hit Seb. A conj zoned out to CoH him to the zone line. Just our luck the Named that randomly pops in front of Crypt of Agony and Conj went down.

My group was select for the rescue mission. Of course 6 of us on completely different kinds of computer systems and completely different internet connections all zoned out at completely different times. Did I mention headache? Did I say whole group…our MT zoned back in during the extremely short fight with the named. It was HOT! To save you a short story that would just go on and on, it was 11:50 after our 2rd attempt back to the raid zone. The group was at the golems in front of the zone, and the one we just killed knocked me back into the skellies along the side of the wall where I promptly FD’ed. Instead of drawing things out, I just disbanded, and evaced out.

With all that said, it being such a long time since any of us raided I don’t think it went too bad. Casual guilds + late starts = normal from my understanding. We didn’t try to go in over our heads and the few deaths. Leaving a raid (although early) having your armor at 90-70%, with no repair kits used is a good thing


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