I caved in and had to post a question on the EQ2 Forums. Deathmarch. It’s suppose to be one of the SK’s bread and butter spells. But how everyone is tellin me I should use it didn’t make sense. If you right click on it and examine the spell it gives this information:

While death march is active, every time a group member slays an enemy, the shadowknight’s group gains increased combat attack damage and immunity to control spells for a short duration.

From how I’ve understood it, once the mob dies then you get a 10 second buff that does all those cool procs and all the hate gain that goes with it. I’ve tested it, it works fantastically on hate gain and a noticable recast. So I never understood why everyone wants me to cast it all the time. Honestly, I’ve never seen that kind of improvement when I cast it on it’s own without killing a Mob.

So, I had to ask what the deal was. Here was my answer on the forum:

You also get the effects for the first 10 seconds after you initially cast. And for 10 seconds again anytime a mob is killed. Theoretically you could get it to go off 6 times total with perfect timing.

Gray mobs that will be 1 second kills by the group are great for keeping the effect going when in a longer fight.

Sounds good enough for me. I’ll have to try it out …again, I guess.


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