Update of Epic Proportions

For some odd reason I had the urge last night to keep working on my epic. I guess the chatter about it has died down enough about them where my intrest is finally getting peaked. I sent out a request for help and I was surprised that I actually had to turn down help because my group was overflowing.

Not that my guild isn’t a helpful guild. They definately are. However, as with most guilds we come together, play alot with all of us but then we start drifting apart towards individual aventures. Lately, it has been more on the apart side. So my jaw did hit the floor when everyone I assumed was working on their own thing readily volunteered.

If you’ve been reading my blog you’d know that, the other night I got a few people and ventured into City of Mist to speak to Lharnc the Confined. He sent me to Edgewater Drains to kil his ghostly brother Glohner. My group assembled and hit EWD.

We ran the floors a few times and couldn’t find him. I think it was the 3rd run through I realized we had a freakin dirge and had him pull up track. We found Glohner be boppin pretty much where the directions said he’d be. He just walked way slow.

I gave him a good hard pull. I think after the second hit I laid on him, I turned afraid. Very very afraid. The bastage feared me. He feared me for quite some time. I wasn’t playing with some n00b PUG that bought their account off of eBay. I was playing with professionals.

The bruiser picked up the mob. After the effect wore off me, I came back to the fray and pulled the mob off the bruiser smoothly. (Gotta love Rescue). BAM Glohner’s ghost, became a ghost. MUAHAHAHAHAA EVIL SHADOW KNIGHT!!!

So, being an evil Shadow Knight, I do the obvious thing a Mousie SK would do. I ask if anyone needs help. The Mighty Bruiser wants help in the same type of fight for his epic. OFF WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

In Fens, pretty much as far NW that we could go lies a big bucket. The bruiser has to fill it, and here comes another be boppin mob. This time a 83^^^ giant. I stuck him in the toe so many times he ran away crying like a little dwarf and someone took away his ale.

The dirge and gaurdian I had hanging with me had to camp. It was getting late. The others asked if there was something else I wanted to do. Why yes there was!

My buddy Paws (He’s my goodie two shoes arch nemisis who always wants to dress my Ratonga SK in pie crusted armor) logs in his 2nd toon and double box. I noticed in our alliance chat, a fury looking for a City of Mist group. Which just so happened to be my next Epic update.

The fury needed 15 drops from the golems in there. I needed to speak with and kill my old buddy Lharnc the Confined and it just so happens I have to kill a ton of golems to get there. With the grouping changes things went pretty good I thought. Bloodletter saved me once, and the Ranger Paws (archnemisis) died once. That was about as brutal as it got for us. Those mob’s couldn’t say the same. They were dropping like they were hot (does using that phrase make me hip?).

Lharnc was pretty much toast from the time we hit him. He’s down, dead, deader as he too was a ghost, more dead than before. However you want to put it. It’s midnight. I’m a tired mouse. However, the fury still needs alot more golems as all the one’s we killed only a few drops she needed dropped. Even more so, my wife was like…maybe we should fight some more. I can’t say no to her!!

So we kill all the jade constructs in that area multiple time. Fury got her drops, she’s happy. My wife killed more, she’s happy. Mousie Pullo gets to curl up and go to bed, he’s happy. So not a bad night, my group recieved a total of 4 epic updates. I’m pleased. On a bonus, I finished 3 CoM quests and when I get home tonight I’ll turn them in to make my 129th AA. Not too shabby for a semi casual, semi hard core player!


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