Necro Night in Chelsith

Last night, I logged in a bit later than I originally wanted. The second episode of the Doctor dragged me in. As with most of the opening episodes of Doctor Who I think the season is starting out kind of slowly. I absolutely despise the Donna character. I find her extremely annoying and really wanted to punch her in the face at the end of the second episode.

Afterwards, I hopped on my EQ2. Over the past two nights I have felt fairly popular. Don’t worry, I won’t get use to it. I’m getting invited to alot of places. I was wanting to do a Karnor’s Castle run. I had dual purposes. I’ve got a friend who’s really wanting that L&L book out of there and I was about to have an Epic update right next to that book. but I had to do 3 updates before I was ready.

By the time I finished those updates, and then I had to put the boy to bed, I would have had 10 minutes to finish it before my friend turned into a pumpkin. So I had to reschedule that :-(.

A guildie that has been helping me some with my epic, wanted some help on his. How could I refuse that? And to sweeten the deal, I have an update in the same zone Chelsith.

This is my first time in Chelsith, and I usually hate zones tanking zones I haven’t been in. This particular zone, is an excellent reason why I hate tanking zones I haven’t been in. OMG the adds, THE ADDS!!

My group consisted of a dirge double boxing an inq, a mystic, bruiser, necro and a very cool SK (that’s me). I do need to say that the dirge explained how to tank the whole zone when we entered but at that time I had no clue what it meant. I kept asking my wife if she understood what was being said so I didn’t feel completely dumb. I’d say when we hit the first platform we had quite a few deaths. Afterwards though, we started finding our groove.

BLOODLETTER FTW!!! By far the sexiest spell I have. When I die, I do a small life tap on my whole group, I instantly rez with full life, fully buffed, 3/4 power and have lost 0 hate however, I have noticed it doesn’t always seem to want to go off. (I need to research that) Mine went off once during our wipes and when it did, it was totally shibby. Noone even noticed (I asked).

Anyways, I think we cleared 2/3 of the zone with the exception of the leviations and haven’t gotten to any of my bruiser buddies epic update or mine. You know it’s a PITA zone when they let you camp out of it and come back to pick up where you left off.

So, that’s the plans tonight. Log in early, finish up the zone and hopefully have time left over to do KC and my 85^^^ in the middle of Terran’s Grasp. That should wrap up step 13 of my epic weapon. Step 14 is going to be the killer, I’m hoping I can finish that over my two days off and the rest will be cake! Wish me luck


One Response to “Necro Night in Chelsith”

  1. Where’s the Necro part of the post? Hehehe….

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