My Thousand Dollar Idea

Here’s my million dollar idea. Feel free to use it but, just make sure you throw me a percentage. I’m poor and just can’t afford to drop these gems for free.

I was thinking about the people I’ve met since I started in the world of MMO’s so many moons ago and wondered what they’re doing now. I guess it’s partly my fault for not attempting to get any contact information when I moved on to a different server or game. I’ve had the oppertunity to play with some really good people.

From EQ1 days, I met some of my favorite players. Najji, lived 30 minutes from where I grew up. He was an awesome Beastlords and showed me that you can play a ton of alts and play them all well, laugh off the wipes and how to spam languages. Looks like his toon is still showing up in the EQ1 character database but, doesn’t look like he’s leveled much since I stopped playing.

Bohicat was one of the most top rated Bards in the game. Probably to this day is still the most Uber person I’ve met. I’ve never attempted to Quad Box but this guy could do it well enough where you’d never know.

Zatrina and her husband Hellitore were the guild leaders of Circle of the Faithful which were the guild my wife and I were in for a majority of our EQ1 game time. We grouped together all the time.

I wonder what happened to those people. Even some of the people in EQ2 I don’t hear much from anymore.

Mandrak, I know in real life so he doesn’t count.

But Sinol, disappeared without a good bye. Looks like he’s on another server. Don’t know if he’s still playing or if someone adopted his name.

So many people. Jeez. So what’s going on with them now? I’d love to know at least, or if anything I’m fairly curious.

MMO’s need an equivelent to Classmates. I log in. Hey I played this game and that game on this server and was in these guilds and here’s my main names and a few of my alts. Yada, yada, yada.

I think that’s the jist of my idea. Feel free to run with it from there. I haven’t researched it at all so, who knows maybe something like that is already made. If not I’ll be expecting my cut soon. Your welcome.


4 Responses to “My Thousand Dollar Idea”

  1. Hey! What was your characters name when you knew me? Yes this is really Bohicat. Hope to hear back from ya.

    Bohicat Smellycat
    Bard of Cazic-Thule

  2. W00T! Hiya Bohi. I think I was playing a toon named Salix. You knew my wife (at that time girlfriend) Aanafa. She introduced us. You quad boxed a dragon for me in….uh….hmmm a sea zone for my druid epic I believe.

    You were the first person to tell me dorf’s taste like chicken!

  3. Yep, I remember you and Aanafa. She was the first person I met (other then all my RL friends) playing EQ. I see you are now playing WarHammer. My best friend keeps telling me I need to play. After EQ (stopped playing a little over 2 years ago) I moved on to Vanguard. Vanguard required a bit more computer then I had so I started to build a new one. Well I ended up buying a Mac and stopped playing all MMO’s. About 6 months ago I started getting the bug for an MMO so I picked up WoW (only one that will run on a Mac). I loved WoW during beta (Did the Beta for EQ2, WoW, and Vanguard) but the people playing after launch really ruined the game for me (so just like after every beta I have done after release I always end back at EQ). Well the people still suck (for the most part) in WoW but I love the game play and the PvP.

    Well tell the wife I said ello and that Stompy, Duhn, and Arfyak are all still good but only Duhn is still playing EQ.


  4. She says hi back, Bohi and we’re glad to hear you are doing well. We bounced to Guild Wars, EQ2 and are now giving Warhammer a shot. Seems good so far but, only time will tell. I check my blog quite regularly so feel free to pop in and say hi anytime brudda!!

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