Norrath’s Full of Republicans

There was a time when I was going on a kick of making female toons. Don’t ask me why, I was enjoying it. From that, only one has made her way through and that is my 74 Conjurer, Female, Human. I don’t mind her, but lately I’ve been wanting to have her go through a sex change.

Don’t know why, I just do. I guess I out grew that phase particular area of my gaming. I know SOE won’t just let me make that change or the hair cut or the magical make-over mirror would have let me do it. When I use to troll the forums, I remember reading posts on this. I swear that one of them said that if I called SOE and yelled enough they would make it happen.

I work in a call center enviroment and I just can’t bring myself to yell at anyone over the phone unless they are trying to walk over me. So, that’s not an option. I tried the next best thing.

I did a /petition. Explained. Look, I can get a sex change on Earth but, not Norrath. I’ll pay to change my character’s name and if my insurance won’t cover the operation, I’ll even pay for my sex change. What’s the deal. (that’s not word for word. I’m giving you the short version).

In record time, I got my first rejection. Usually rejections that fast only come from my days of dating. Despite what I’ve read on forums, my reply came in very good english, good typing (Pretty sure the response was copied and pasted). It said GM’s couldn’t do a sex change, only a dev could, and my only retort is to post it up on the forums and hope they it’s somethng they change in the future.

So, I updated my petition to ask if only dev’s could do it, what would be the process to escalate the issue to a dev for me to ensure customer satisfaction. Show me ownership GM Whateveryournameis.

Hey, I’ve payed $30 bucks a month for two accounts on EQ1 for 2 years non-stop and since switched to EQ2 I’m now paying…jeez $50- $60 (I’m not sure how much my all access is costing). That’s not to mention $200-$300 on character transfers. Right now i think I’m setting in at maybe 1.3 petitions a year all for what turned out to be valid issues (and all of which were fixed if I remember right) And only one flame on their forum when in-game spam tells were ridiculously out of control (I recieved 20 in 15 minutes but, you can only /report every…so often. My complaint was SOE didn’t want to get spammed about spam and fix it or fire people till it’s fixed)

I’m not even going to try to count up what all that jazz equals up to but, it’s good money. I should be a “valued low-maintence customer”. So what’s the big deal. Own my issue, take it to someone who can hook a brudda up.

The response I received this time was also very quick. In a nutshell, no. GM’s didn’t go to school for sex change operations. Only a dev could do it and I could provide a /feedback and perhaps someone will contact me or a change could come of it in a future update or expansion. Sigh.

So I did my /feedback. Didn’t hear anything about it, of course it was the weekend. I’m not going to call and complain or bother emailing a dev or asking on their blog. That just seems rude. I’m not going to reroll a toon I’ve spent 33 days of game time on. That’s just insane as well.

I checked out the forums and apparently changing sex and race are issues in the database. Here I thought it would either be radio buttons from Male or Female, a check box or something that would read SEX: FEMALE which would need manually changed.

It’s hard for me to imagine though that they thought of, ok, can redo your whole appearance, repec your traits, ect, pay to change your name and server. But, to mess with Race and Sex would require a whole new thingamagger. I’m smelling shnanagins!!!


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