Weekend Recap

First off, I want to apologize to Tipa for the wife and I not being able to make the EQ nostalgia night on Friday night. We were wanting to go but, our guild is finally starting to raid T8 and we were wanting to try that out. Sorry Tipa but, thank you for the invite.

Looking at all the zany EQ2 adventure’s we’ve had it’s probably best that I give my recap of my game days character by character. I’ll preface this by saying My wife and I did some spring cleaning. We deleted 3 characters and I’m leaning towards deleting a 4th. By doing this, we free’ed up some slots for experimenting, free’ed up some plat that was sitting there not being used, have less characters to feel guilty about cause we’re not playing them and it allows us to focus on leveling our other toons.

So, fairwell my Bruiser Slytheryn, Zerker Ilap and Guardian Hallos. Honestly, you’re not missed. Warden Prest….be nervous!!

The wife and I did go through and create one new toon to celebrate deleting the others. She made a bruiser on our Najena server and I made an Assassin. I’m hoping I’ll like the assassin more than I liked the ranger but, so far (he’s up to level 13) the game play has been the exact same. FYI, my wife’s bruiser has pwned my assasin in 4 duels. She was fairly cocky for the rest of the night. We haven’t guilded these toons and plan to keep them as our “sanity” toons. If the guild chatter starts to get on our nerve’s we’ll head over to them and have some peace and quiet. I think I’ll start to call them our Vacation homes in Norrath.

I took a bunch of toons and leveled them one level. My swashy, wizzy and illy all got boosted up a level. The swashy and illy both solo’ed in Ferrott for quick levels each. My wizzy and my wife’s monk kicked some butt in Thundering Steppes. I can’t remember if I took my jeweler up one or two levels but, he’s close to hitting his mid 50’s.

I found a decent deal on some roots and bought two plat worth. I made up quite a few cloaks on it with my tailor. If that works I should triple my money which will be SCHWEET!! So far, I’ve made my two plat worth. We’ll see how the rest works out. When I buy rare’s it’s usually hit or miss if I’ll make money or not. At least now, I’m at the point where anything else that sells is all gravy.

Saturday morning, I logged in to my 74 Conj and played the poop out of her. I’m 3/4ths the way through Fen’s now and she’s now level 75. She’s my oldest toon and is fairly gimped on her AA’s. At least, it seems that every 10 quests I do, I seem to get an AA point. Hopefully she won’t be too far behind by the time she hit’s 80. I think she’s at 92 ATM.

Pullo has had a busy time in game. I was able to get him 3/4 the way through his epic weapon. I’m really at the hardest part now. I am hoping I can hit the Shard of Fear tonight, then Maiden’s and VoES over my next 3 days off. That will leave me 1 mob left and a few talky, talky steps and the mighty Pullo will be decked out in Epic weapon. I think he’s pushing 132 AA’s and he’s almost complete with the exception of gear.

My guild’s alliance raided on the Friday night. We went through the first part of Shard of Hate again. This time only 4 drops. 2 off trash and 2 off the Names. Nothing a SK could use. That kind of irks me cause, I’m pretty sure the first named is an SK therefore, you’d think he’d drop a sweet SK item.

They had me off tank that raid. I regeared up in my best MIT gear. Which stinks cause all the best MIT gear I have are INT free and my power was gimped quite a bit. Also, someone that I believe was in my group stated they had a buff which removed 15% of my group’s hate. Which is great for my group but, I couldn’t seem to pull anything off anyone unless I threw my kitchen sink at it. Good news was that rarely needed to happen.

I snickered to myself, after skipping Master P the 74 epic X4 the raid wanted to try the 76 epic. I’m not a seasoned raider but, I can tell which number is bigger than the other. I asked about that whole…which number is bigger deal and was told we only knew until we tried so until then I should be quiet. NICE!!!

So with the ranger’s at the ready for a quick evac. The pull was made. I cast off my first spell and was immediately evac’ed. Half the raid made it out alive. When asked if that mob was tougher than Master P apparently no verdict was made :-\

The wife and I decided not to go to the next nights raid. Appaarently Protector’s Realm was conning red to the group and people were completely broken. Sounded rough. I opted for leveling the conj for double xp.

For all the complaining you may have read about me being out of money, I broke down and bought Pullo a Rhino. Big waste of money and only slightly faster than my worg. Love riding on it though. Looks like your holding on for dear life.


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  1. If you tried the Maestro (K’pul K’boom or whatever), he summons the three T1-T2 nameds if they are still alive. So you can fight Master P alone, or fight him and the Maestro at the same time 🙂

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